Bichon Frise and Maltese wearing a Tie Dye Shirt, Sunglasses and Chain accessories.

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Dog Fashion Shows to Attend this October
Picture this: you and your furbaby, strutting down the catwalk, oozing style and charisma. This October, we invite you to indulge in a world of doggy costume fun.
Transition Your Dog's Wardrobe from Summer to Fall
Tailoring your dog's fall wardrobe ensure your furry companion is ready for the change and to embrace the autumn spirit.
Halloween Dog Costumes 2022 & Beyond
As we look back at the top 5 Halloween dog costumes of last year, we'll also explore what to anticipate for this year's festivities.
Why Dogs Deserve the Best Dog Treats
Dogs, often referred to as "man's best friend" and our cherished companions, inspire a world of flavorful treats to pamper their loyalty and bring joy to our hearts.
Adopting a Dog from a Shelter or Rescue Organization

September is recognized as Adopt a Senior Pet Month in the world of pet adoption and the perfect opportunity to open your heart and home to a furry companion.

Paws and Patterns: Canine Couture for Fall
As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, dog owners are faced with the delightful task of updating their furbaby's wardrobes for the fall season.
Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Dogs in 2023
Whether your dog is a fierce werewolf or a dainty princess, dressing them up in a creative costume can bring joy to both you and those you encounter.
The Magic of The Harry Potter Dog Cloak Ensemble
Share your passion for Harry Potter, the spirit of Halloween, and let your dog step into the world of wizards and witches, casting spells of happiness wherever they go.
Back-to-School Fashion for Your Stylish Pup
As summer comes to an end, it's time to start thinking about the fall season and giving your stylish pup a back-to-school makeover!
Including Your Dog in Your Wedding
Whether you have a loyal canine friend or a playful pup, involving your dog in your wedding can add a touch of warmth, excitement, and unbridled happiness to the festivities.
Is It OK to Put Clothes on Dogs?
The topic of whether it is acceptable to dress up dogs in clothes has been a subject of debate among pet owners, animal lovers, and experts alike.
Essential Tips for Training and Socializing Your Dog
With the joys of dog ownership come responsibilities – one of the most crucial being training and socializing your furbaby.
The World of Cute and Funny Dog Memes
Memes of the iconic "puppy dog eyes," dogs caught in unexpected moments and their delightful antics, make our furry friends so endearing.
Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in 2023
As the world opens up to travel once again, it's time to plan your next adventure, and what better way to do it than with your canine companion?
What Makes a Dog a Hero?
Dogs have long been hailed as man's best friend, but their loyalty, bravery, and compassion often go beyond our expectations.
Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Fourth of July
Dogs have more sensitive hearing than humans, which means that the loud noises from fireworks can be particularly distressing for them.
A Pawrent’s Guide to Winter Dog Clothing
Cold weather can only mean one thing–it is time to go shopping for your furbaby!
Ideas on How to Spend Christmas with Your Dog
Get cozy, make lasting memories, and have a ton of fun with your dog this holiday season.
Thanksgiving Do’s and Dont’s for Pet Parents
Make this the best holiday yet by keeping your pet safe, happy, and included.
Top 6 Most Expensive Dogs Breeds in 2022
All dogs are beautiful, wonderful, and worthy–but some come with a steep price tag too.
Top 2022 Halloween Events for Dogs
Silly humans think that Halloween is for them. Here’s a list of Halloween events for pets that will prove you wrong.