Young black woman drinking coffee on the couch and playing with her small dog, celebrating National Best Friends Day!

16 Ways to Celebrate National Best Friends Day

Fun Day with Your Dog

Your opportunity to celebrate your friendship with your favorite dog is officially here!

National Best Friends Day is just around the corner, and people are already trying to decide how they are going to spend this incredible holiday—and who they are going to spend it with. Though human pals are all well and good, some people have been thinking that this is yet another holiday that should be going to the dogs. After all, who is more committed to you? Who is always there for you? We think this holiday is best spent with canine companions, which is why we pulled together this list of ideas for you to celebrate with your favorite dog!

Young woman sitting in the grass with her Shiba Inu, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
The love of my life.

What is National Best Friends Day?

Dog owner holding up adorable pug who's giving licks and kisses, celebrating their bond on National Best Friends Day!
The bond of man and dog is unbreakable.

National Best Friends Day is arriving on June 8, 2022. Every year, this holiday is focused on celebrating the love and joy that you and your closest friend bring to one another. We use it to honor friendship and close friends. It is a chance to reflect on old memories, make new memories, and celebrate the beauty of friendship.

Friends are there for us through thick and thin. They’re our shoulder to cry on, our reason to laugh, and just plain fun to have around. Spending time with friends is good for us, and most of us have our very own fluffy friends in the home. We think that this is an excellent holiday to give back and celebrate friendships that are so important to us. Celebrate best friends with man’s best friend (or woman’s best friend—or anyone else’s!) on June 8th this year!

16 Ways to Celebrate with Your Canine BFF

Woman sitting in a hammock, petting Saint Bernard dog at the park, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
You bring me the best joy!

There are a ton of ways to spend National Best Friends Day with your human friends, but what about your doggy friends? What can do you that will be fun for both you and your canine companion? Fortunately, the list is surprisingly long. We pulled together a few ways for you to show your dog how much you appreciate them.

1. Go On a Doggy BFF Date

Young woman sitting at the pier, watching the sunset with her dog, celebrating National Best Friends Day
Every sunset with you is a gift.

Best friends go on dates all the time, so why wouldn’t you plan one for you and your pup? Furry friends love any reason to spend time with us, and a doggy BFF date can be seriously cute. It’s the perfect bonding experience for you and your favorite pup.

The best doggy dates are ones that you can both enjoy. For some dog parents and dogs, it means spending time enjoying a meal on a patio at a local restaurant. For others, it might mean a quiet walk in the park and a good game of fetch. Prioritize what you and your dog love to do together.

2. Get Starbucks and Spill the Tea with Your Puppy

Young woman lying on her bed drinking coffee and giggling with her small dog as they celebrate National Best Friends Day!
Your laughter is infectious!

Dogs bring so much to our lives, but they are especially good at keeping secrets. Head over to your local coffee shop for a puppucino and a human drink of your own, then sit in the car and have a good old-fashioned gossip session. Your dog will love listening to you talk, and they will never tell anyone what you said! Whether it’s personal gossip, celebrity gossip, or gossip from around the office, sometimes you just need to say things to someone who will never repeat it.

3. Declare Your Friendship with Fashion

Stylish Yorkshire Terrier wearing gingham dog shirt and denim jeans, walking on the pier and celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Cute, sweet and sassy!

For ages, friends have bonded over matching outfits, and dogs are up for this challenge. There are so many different fashion opportunities for you to explore with your dog, and we think that the best fashion decisions are the ones that bring you closer.

Dilla, a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix standing up and wearing the Who Rescued Who Royal Blue Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Who Rescued Who?


Buttery soft dog hodie perfect for those chilly walkies at night.

You can go for a shopping spree to coordinate outfits, or just try out something like our WHO RESCUED WHO dog hoodie or tee, which really highlights just how much pups mean to their families. No matter what, your goal is to celebrate your friendship using fashion.

4. Watch Movies and Eat Ice Cream

Young woman sitting on a bench feeding her pug ice cream, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Sweet treats are the best treats!

We live in a world where people with a variety of health considerations can now enjoy a good ice cream, and humans aren’t the only ones benefiting from this anymore. Most pet stores now carry dog-safe ice cream—and a few restaurants do too!

For this option, you’re going to recreate every sleepover you’ve ever had with your pup. Throw on some fun movies, break out the ice cream, and enjoy your night watching awesome movies or even tv. It’s a great way to decompress and a simple way to hang out with your pooch!

5. Do Your Nails and Claws Together

Young woman with beautiful manicured nails, holding a freshly groomed dog paw after a day of beauty, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
So fresh and so clean.

In the world of fun inventions, dog-safe nail polish (or claw polish, rather) is officially a thing. For a little fun on National Best Friends Day, why not have a good time painting your nails with your favorite pup? Whether you choose colors that match or opt to let your dog pick their own style, this is a hilarious bonding activity that can lead to some seriously fun pictures and memories. Just remember to use a nail polish that is safe for your pup to avoid any health problems. After you finish your dog’s nails, you might just find that they are more interested in showing off their paws.

6. Have a Fun Spa Day

Adorable Yorkshire Terrier wearing sunglasses, enjoying the day at the spa puppy, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
A little R&R darling then I'm brand new.

Spa days are a fun thing to do with friends, and this is yet another opportunity to have fun with your dog. If you have the kind of pooch that absolutely loves baths, treat your pup to the ultimate spa experience. You can give them a nice scrub down, wrap them up in an adorable bathrobe, and let them enjoy some soothing music. For the best experience, we recommend that dog parents wash their pups before they hop in the bath themselves—and be careful. Some curious dogs have been known to crawl right into the bath alongside their owners!

7. Spend the Day at the Beach

Curly-haired Spanish Water Dog running along the beach, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Come on let's play!

The beach is the perfect backdrop for spending time with loved ones, and humans are not the only ones who love the beach. Heading over to your local dog-friendly beach is a great chance for you and your dog to explore nature in a fun and engaging way.

Some dogs like lying down in the shade while others want to test out their doggy paddle out on the waves. No matter what your dog prefers, you can probably find a way to pass time at the beach with them.

Safety Tips for Dog Parents:

  • Make sure your dog has access to clean water (no sand, please!)
  • Provide shade for your pup if it is a sunny day
  • Know the signs of heatstroke in pets and look out for them
  • Avoid going at peak hours when the sand is too warm
  • Use a life jacket for dog who want to swim in the water
  • Always clean up after your pet

8. Eat Healthy Snacks and Relax

Adorable Rottweiler eating a red delicious apple on the sidewalk, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Food! It will always be food!

Sometimes the truest testament to friendship is just chilling out and eating a good snack. Though your dog can’t really down a whole bag of potato chips, there are plenty of healthy snacks for your pup to enjoy. Dog parents can consider giving their dogs some healthy fruits or veggies (always remember to consult your vet), or you can let your dog have a pet-friendly snack while you eat something else. Just remember, this is a bonding experience. Instead of scrolling on your phone, scratch your pup behind the ears and talk to them

9. Make and Share a Meal Together

Two adorable puppies sharing a bowl of dog food happily celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Find a way to their heart with delicious food.

Some of the strongest friendships in history have been built over a good meal, and this is one option your dog will be obsessed with. It isn’t a secret that pups tend to be pretty interested in food—especially when you are cooking around them. On this day, that doesn’t need to be such a bad thing.

Dog parents really have a lot of options here. You can make a meal that is friendly and safe for you and your pet, or you can make separate meals for each of you to enjoy. Making your pup a small hamburger patty or a boneless piece of chicken will absolutely make their day. For pets that are on a special diet, sometimes it can be just as exciting if you “make” their food in the kitchen while you’re making yours, so they feel like they are a part of everything and getting a special meal.

10. Head to Your Local Pet-Friendly Brewery or Eatery

Two young women smiling and loving their puppy at a pet-friendly restaurant, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
The love we have for you is endless.

There are a lot of places that allow pets nowadays, and the list is really only getting longer. To pass the time with your favorite canine companion, why not head out for a little day or evening out on the town? Stopping by at a pet-friendly brewery or eatery is a great opportunity to get out, have fun, and enjoy some of those special moments that define the friendship you and your dog share.

11. Start Training for the Apocalypse

Adorable French Bulldog puppy learning how to walk on a leash. Happy National Best Friends Day!
Pratcice makes perfect!

Friendship is about more than just love and comfort. It is about more than just being there for each other emotionally. Sometimes, the strongest friendships are the ones where you know for a fact that the individual is your ride-or-die friend—and what better way to know than with a little apocalypse training? For a little ridiculous fun, make a routine with your pup that allows you to get moving and prepares you for a world unlike the one we all know. Whether it’s practicing running away from zombies or sneaking through your apartment complex using hand signals, this is a fun and silly way to spend time.

12. Focus on Affection and Playtime

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While there are many fun ways to celebrate National Best Friends Day, it is important to remember what you’re celebrating. On this day, you want to show your dog just how special they are to you—and that means prioritizing them. Celebrate your friendship with your favorite canine by placing a special emphasis on love, attention, and affection. A little extra love can go a long way in helping your pup to feel valued.

13. Go Explore Somewhere New

Happy dog and his owners out on a walk, full of adventure, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Life is one big adventure with great friends!

A lot of dogs really love new places. If you’ve got a little four-pawed explorer on your hands, heading out somewhere new can be a really great way to celebrate this special day. You can visit a new park, a new dog park, a new part of town, or just a new street in your neighborhood. The important part is that you are spending time with your pup, being in the moment, and giving them some cool new stuff to sniff!

14. Try Out Some Karaoke

Adorable and happy small dog sings and plays tambourine, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Any special requests?

It is a well-known internet-based fact that some dogs are absolutely obsessed with singing—and we absolutely love it. If you have a dog that lights up every time you start singing, it might be a good idea to break out some karaoke. You can have fun singing alongside your pup, and you’ll probably get some great laughs out of it. For a little extra fun, consider pouring yourself a little cup of something relaxing, be it wine, tea, or cocoa!

15. Have a Picnic in the Park

Beautiful hispanic family sitting with adorable terrier enjoying a picnic outisde together, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
When I look at my dog, I see a friend and I see family.

Dogs love the park. There are so many things to see and smell. It might not be why we love the park, but we can bring some of our human culture into the park experience too. Taking your dog out on a picnic is an opportunity to lie down on the grass, soak up the sun, and enjoy delicious snacks. Just make sure to take a walk when you’re done!

16. Take a Nap Together

Adorable toddler hugging a King Charles Cavalier puppy and napping together, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Wishing you the sweetest of dreams!

Some friendships are based on a mutual love of relaxation, and it is not a secret that a lot of us love naps. Now ask yourself, do you love naps more than your dog? Chances are that you are both fans of napping, so if you’re just looking to relax, consider snuggling up to your pup for a nice little snooze.

The Takeaway

Cute small dog giving five with paw to senior man, sitting at dining table with food in a small bowl, celebrating National Best Friends Day!
Meaningful connection is true happiness.

You don’t need to ditch your human BFFs to show your dog some love, but you should absolutely celebrate everyone. Spending this day with your pup is not just fun, it is really what they deserve. Fun and friendship are even better when your BFF is fluffy, after all!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.