Willow, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix, wearing a happy birthday hat celebrates her b-day with birthday cake from The Dog Bakery in Pasadena, California.

Celebrating 12 Years of Life

Happy Birthday to Me

What a day, what a day! I celebrated my 12th birthday on Sunday and it was one for the books. I'm not entirely sure what this expression means (it's like what books, how many and where are they?) but my momma always uses it so I figure she wouldn't mind if I borrowed the expression for my blog and she would tell me its meaning if I ask, right? I'm realizing your should start referring to me as "tangent pup" because I cannot stop my mind from prattling on as I continually digress from what I originally wanted to tell you.๐Ÿ˜” Work in progress over here, work in progress.

Wishing Willow, a Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix, a happy 12th birthday.
Having a little fun as the birthday girl ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ๐Ÿฅณ

Of course you don't turn 12 every year. Well, this year I was thrilled my pawrents asked me if I wanted to go on an EXTRA long walk as soon as I woke up. As if my tail didn't already give it away, but for good measure, I nodded feverishly making sure they knew my answer was a resounding YES! You see, I'm not a fan of short walkies, oh noooo. You know the walks where your pawrents walk you a few feet outside, let you do your business, then quickly turn around and head back inside. Yup, those walks (if you can even call them that) are the absolute worst and should ONLY be reserved for emergencies when your pawrents are really short on time. Plus, long walkies allow me to focus on my life mission: sniff every patch of grass we pass by and befriend every single dog in the neighborhood.

On my birthday walk I met a Miniature Goldendoodle with such a cool name, Arthur, like that awesome rescue dog from Ecuador who tagged along with a Swedish extreme sports team as they competed in the Adventure Racing World Championship. Seriously, you should read about Arthur's journey and how he found his way to his true owners. It's heartbreaking and inspiring to many rescue pups out there like me. My neighbor Arthur is just as cool and has just as much energy as me. He reminded me that even though I'm a year older, I'm still young at heart. This couldn't be truer than when we ran into the spunkiest bichon mix, Cinnamon, my adorable mini me. Looking at Cinnamon was like looking into a mirror and it finally dawned on me what my pawrents were saying all this time; โ€œWillow doesn't look a day over 5โ€. Considering where I spent my formative years in those awful dog shelters, I'm always happy to take whatever compliment I can get, but I wasn't sold on what my pawrents were telling friends and family, but looking at Cinnamon, my pawrents words rang so true and aside from Cinnamon's much curlier hair, we looked the same, age and all. Now I have two new friends to meet up with on walks and I cannot wait to play with Arthur and Cinnamon again.

After our very fun and long walk, my pawrents handed me over to my amazing groomer, Jen. She pampered me with a lush bath and then fluffed me to perfection with my new vanilla & almond spray. The spray helps to easily detangle my fur and keeps me smelling so sweetly and fantastic. ๐Ÿฅฐ Full disclosure, I don't like getting groomed. Scratch that, I hate it! Don't get me wrong, I love feeling fresh and clean afterwards, but just the thought of being confined to a truck for an hour, away from my brother Dilla and pawrents, sets my nerves on edge. But they're always right there when it's all over so I cannot complain...too much. What's more important is that I finally got to wear my cherry dress. It's so me: comfy, full of lace and colorful. I felt so special like this day was made for me. I guess it kind of was being my birthday and all.

Dilla must have know it was my birthday because he let me play in peace with our stuffed animals toys all afternoon. Well, if you could call them "stuffed" because Dilla and I went to town on each and everyone of those toys, promptly removing all stuffing, leaving them way less plush. It wasn't until my pawrents set out my birthday cake that Dilla made his presence known. He's truly the sweetest lil brother, but even he cannot deny his love for sweet treats. The delicious smelling cake was calling out to him, so he decided to give it a sample before I had the chance to make my birthday wish and have the first bite. I found it a little funny because my pawrents were trying to capture the "pawfect" birthday moment, but it didn't work out that way and life's too short. Plus, I'll just have to pay him back on his birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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โ™ฌ original sound - they made me wear it

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Wishing Willow, a Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix, a happy 12th birthday.
My delicious birthday cake from The Dog Bakery ๐ŸŽ‚

It was my first time trying The Dog Bakery and it did not disappoint. They make freshly baked cupcakes, cookies and cakes for furries like me. My pawrents usually spring for Sprinkles Pupcakes on our birthdays but for some reason this year they wanted Dilla and me to try something different. And bless their hearts, my pawrents decided on the grain-free version so no wheat, corn, rice and other grains that could potentially upset my stomach. They really wanted me to enjoy my birthday, and enjoy I did! The cake was something else and I couldn't get enough of the yummy yogurt frosting. Four very enthusiastic paws up for The Dog Bakery. Click here to customize a cake for your dog now!

Thinking back on Sunday. I would have to say it wasn't one thing that made my day so special. It was just the fact that my pawrents were with me and wanted me to be happy. I always feel their love and support, even when I'm being really naughty. It's true, sometimes I jump on things I shouldn't and rip apart other things I have no business ripping apart. What can I say, I'm still a dog and sure sometimes I only do it because I want attention but other times, I just cannot help myself. ๐Ÿ˜ But you know what, even when they are really upset with me, my pawrents always find a way to rub my noggin and let me know they still love me. I couldn't ask for cooler pawrents and Dilla is so patient with me. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's because I turned 12 and it's dawning on me that I'm getting older, but this birthday made me grateful of my journey and happy that to the most important people in my life, I'm still worth celebrating.

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Okay I'm going to go play now... signing off ๐Ÿ˜‰

About the author: Willow, a Bichon Frise mix with eyes thatโ€™ll melt your heart is a daddyโ€™s girl. She is also the first in line to go walking, first to get food, first for kisses and cuddles. Whatever it is, Willow likes to be FIRST. She spent most of her life living in shelters so things haven't always been easy. But now, she gets to write about dog fashion, her new family and cool lil brother Dilla. Cool as a cucumber and named after the late amazing record producer J Dilla, Dilla is a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix. Admittedly, he hasn't always been a fan of dressing up, but Dilla has come to dig only dog clothes that are comfortable and functional. Hoodies and sweaters are his favorite! Join these two as they help pups unleash their fashionable side.