Adorable Collie eating a delicious watermelon on a hot summer day.

Cool Summer Treats for Your Dog

Dog-Friendly Treats for Warm Summer Days

Summer is the perfect time for a nice, cool treat—and your dog can enjoy them too!

Warm summer days can bring so much to our lives, with many of us using them as the backdrop to many happy memories. We aren’t the only ones who love a little summer energy when it starts to get warm out. In fact, our dogs are just as happy to see the increase in activity and time spent outside as we are.

Young woman and King Charles Cavalier sitting on a gingham blanket having a picnic on warm summer day.
Doggy mommy date!

During those summer months, there are some amazing dessert options. While you might have fun enjoying the occasional scoop of ice cream in winter, we can all agree that cool treats just hit differently in the summer. We humans enjoy it, so why shouldn’t our canine companions be able to enjoy it too? In this article, we will explore some amazing doggy treat options for your pup this summer.

Why Do We Like Cool Treats During Summer?

Delicious orange and lemonade fruit popsicles, perfect for a hot summer day.
Refreshing treats to keep you cool 🥒🍡🍋

Having a cool treat on a warm day is a special kind of bliss. The simple act of eating something cool and delicious can lower our body temperature, allowing us to cool down even when the temperature keeps on climbing. This transition can be a pleasant experience for most of us, which is why so many of us opt for tasty and cool snacks during the summer months.

Is There Any Real Benefit to Cool Treats for Dogs?

Adorable dogs Decker & Stanley sharing a popsicle on a hot summer day.
Now that's tasty 😋

Most of us know that dogs can get warm during the summer, especially those who have an abundance of fur. You might find yourself wondering if cool treats can have any benefits for your dog, and you will be happy to know that they sure can!

Like us, dogs can cool down when enjoying a nice, cool treat. For pups that are prone to overheating in the summer sun, this can be a pleasant effect. It might even help them to stay healthier while they are outside soaking up the sun’s rays.

Of course, there is another benefit that option comes with cool treats for dogs—a good many of them can hydrate your dog.

While human treats can involve any manner of questionable ingredients, most dog snacks are made with fairly specific ingredients. A lot of the recommended summer treats for dogs are water-based. Water-based snacks mean that your pup can hydrate while they eat. On warm summer days when they are sweating their fur off, this can be important. Even better, these options can be less heavy on their stomach than just chugging straight water. This means more time for happy dogs and less time spent puking up water after chugging it!

The Best Dog-Friendly Fruits & Snacks Available

Black and white Dalmatian Dog eating fruit treats at home, trying to keep cool on a hot summer day.
A feast for a prince 🤴

The world of doggy snacks is getting bigger every single day. As more dog parents seek out ways to provide their pups with healthy snacks, new options are becoming more and more popular. By now, there is no lack of amazing snacks that can cool your dog down this summer. While some of them are standalone and quite cheap, others are more of a luxury. No matter what you choose, your pup will enjoy the extra treat in their day!


Fresh and delicious blueberries, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Great source of fiber and full antioxidants 🫐

This cheap household snack is one that you probably like to enjoy yourself, and it is one that is perfect for sharing with your dog. Blueberries are very easy to keep on hand, and they can be even more delicious if you chill them for a hot summer day.

Black and white mixed dog wearing red bandana, eating blueberries on a hot summer day.
A sweet treat just for you!

When dogs eat blueberries, they get many of the same benefits that we do. Blueberries are an excellent source of fiber. More importantly, they are full of antioxidants that can have significant impacts on our overall health. Next time you sit down for blueberries on a picnic, offer your pup some too and see what they think of them!

Apple Slices

Fresh and delicious apple slices, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Full of Vitamin C and A and so much fun to crunch 🍎

They often say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away—and the same might just be true for vets. Apple slides are another wonderful treat option for your dog as long as you know how to prepare them correctly. Remember to remove the seeds and the core before presenting your dog with them. Apples are considered to be a really great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Even better, it is just plain good for dogs of all ages. A little fiber can go a long way in supporting your canine’s health.


Fresh and delicious pineapples, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Remember just a small taste🍍

Small amounts of raw pineapple are another treat option that you can share with your dog. When you cut up a pineapple by hand, you are more than welcome to offer a piece or two to your favorite pup. The important consideration here is the source. While raw pineapple is great for dogs in controlled amounts, anything that comes from a can might have additives that will not be good for your canine bestie.


Fresh and delicious strawberries, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Lots of fiber and Vitamin C, perfect immunity booster 🍓

Many dog owners with gardens have found that strawberries can easily catch the attention of a sniffing dog. In fact, some dog parents must protect their strawberries at all costs to ensure that their dog won’t gobble up their entire harvest. The good news is that strawberries are also quite good for your dog.

Brindled French Bulldog eating plump strawberries from a flower basket.
Love in every little bite.

In strawberries, humans and dogs alike will find plenty of Vitamin C and a high amount of fiber, which supports overall health. Even better, strawberries can be like a visit to the dentist for your dog, whitening those canine teeth while they chew.


Fresh and delicious cucumbers, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Perfect for a hydration boost 🥒

A lot of us love cucumbers on a hot summer day because they are so refreshing. This is one of those doggy treats that comes with a nice hydration boost since cucumbers are mostly water. The fact that they have almost no calories and can be really satisfying to chew on makes them a great option for dogs and humans alike. Avoid putting any traditional seasoning on these snacks, but it can always be a good idea to dip a slice in peanut butter if you really want to spoil your pup.


Fresh and delicious oranges, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available.
Fiber, Potassium & Vitamin C and all the goodies 🍊

Humans often eat oranges because they taste amazing and are high in Vitamin C, but that isn’t all they offer. Oranges come equipped with plenty of fiber and potassium, making them a healthy and safe treat for pets—as long as you don’t mind a little mess.

Dogs are not known for being the cleanest eaters, and oranges can really cause a mess. These sticky, juice marvels of nature are dog-friendly, but they might not be fur approved. Don’t be surprised if you need to clean up your pup’s snout and surrounding fur after they have an orange slice. Unless they eat it whole, the juice will get everywhere.


Fresh and delicious bananas, one of the best summer dog-friendly treats available
Did someone says bananas 🍌

So many humans treat bananas like a superfood, and it is easy to see why. These delicious fruits can provide us with all kinds of vitamins, and they are also delicious too. Filled with fiber, potassium, and other key vitamins, bananas can be a good boost for your dog. Since they are somewhat high in calories compared to other fruits, remember not to give these ones to your dog too often. If your dog isn’t interested in eating a banana straight, mushing it up for them can lead to a much more pawsitive experience.

Frozen Fruit Treats

Mixed dog eating strawberry popsicle held by owner on a hot summer day.
I could get used to this 🍦

For those who are looking for a healthier option, making frozen fruit snacks can be a great treat as well. Using any combination of the fruits that we have already discussed; you can make your very own frozen fruit treats. Consider mashing up various fruits and fitting them into an ice cube tray. When they freeze, they will basically be fruit ice cubes—and your dog will love pushing them all around the yard.

The Good Times Pawbenders

Boston Terrier enjoying Goodtimes Frozen Custard, Peanut Butter & Dog Biscuits from Pawbenders.
Great treat for a hot summer day!

Visiting your local Good Times if you have one is a great option for your next summer-themed doggy date. At Good Times, they offer the Pawbender, a dessert option that is made specifically for dogs—and trust us when we say that dogs go absolutely wild for these.

A Pawbender is a small cup of vanilla custard that has been topped with peanut butter. As if that isn’t enough, they top it all off with some doggy biscuits to boot. This delicious treat is a snack that pets go wild for, and you can enjoy your very own spoonbender too so your dog doesn’t have to snack alone.

Treats like this can be great for dogs, but they should not be a regular part of your dog’s diet. Since they are high in sugar and calories, keep these to occasional days out when the summer sun is really blazing!

Starbucks Puppucino

A pitbull eating and licking up a delicious Starbucks Puppuccino on a hot summer day.
Do I have something on my face?

When you head over to Starbucks to enjoy your favorite iced coffee or Refresher, make sure that you don’t forget to grab something for your canine companion. A cool cup of whipped cream can be a very refreshing snack for pets while they are relaxing in the shade. This is one simple treat that can always offer your pup a much-needed spike of dopamine!

Frozen Peanut Butter Treats

Owner giving food to his mixed dog a delicious Frozen Peanut Butter Treat on a hot summer day.
Please and thank you.

Peanut butter has been a favorite for dogs throughout the years, and it doesn’t seem like they are giving it up any time soon. While not all dogs will eat straight peanuts, you would be hard-pressed to find a dog that doesn’t absolutely adore peanut butter—so why not take things one step further?

To make single-ingredient peanut butter treats, simply grab an ice tray and fill each ice cube slot with peanut butter instead. A lot of dog parents like to have a little extra fun and get themed ice cube trays with cute shapes. Place the peanut butter treats into the freezer, and when you pull them out, you will have cool, easy peanut butter snacks for your pup.

Dog-Safe Popsicles

Adorable dog eating a yummy red popsicle on a hot summer day.
Keep cool and have a popsicle!

Doggy popsicles are one versatile summer treat that really gives dog parents the opportunity to be creative. Pawrents use everything from yogurt and fruit to peanut butter or even beef stock or bone broth to make doggy-safe popsicles. The most important consideration here is size. You should opt for mini popsicles when making snacks for your pup.


Adorable mixed dog lying down on a city street, cooling his head in a bowl of ice.
Nothing to see here... just trying to keep a cool head.

This might not be a “snack” for us, but it can be for dogs. During the summer, countless dogs enjoy chasing down and gobbling up ice cubes. Simply offering your pup some ice alone or ice in their water can be a great way to help them cool down.

Doggy Ice Cream

Cute puppies sharing a delicious ice cream cone for dogs.
Twice the cuteness. Twice the love.

The pet treat market keeps on expanding, and now we officially have dog-safe ice cream. From Ben & Jerry’s to Purina, there are countless major brands and small businesses making ice cream that is specifically designed for dogs. Check your local pet store or grocery store to explore your options.


Adorable Husky licking a yogurt snack on a hot summer day.
Helping myself to something sweet.

In small amounts, yogurt is another cool snack that dogs really enjoy. You won’t want to feed your dog too much lactose, but in small amounts, yogurt can be cooling and offer plenty of calcium for your pup.

Keeping Your Dog Safe While Enjoying Summer Treats

Cute smiling beagle dog near a big window indoors on a hot summer day.
Whatever treat you choose, remember everything in moderation.

When exploring all the amazing summer treats available for your dog, be sure to consider your dog’s overall health. Most vets advise that treats be given irregularly to ensure that your dog’s health is completely supported. Making sure that you provide your dog with smaller treats or just give them out infrequently can help you to make their day without giving the vet anything to worry about. Everything in moderation can help puts stay fit and healthy.

The Takeaway

Adorable Collie eating a delicious watermelon on a hot summer day.
A little treat for someone sweet!

Summer is a time for joy, laughter, smiles, and warmth—but not too much warmth. To keep the blazing summer heat at bay, opting for a simple and healthy summer treat can be a great way to cool your dog down and keep them hydrated. Make this the summer where you learn about your pup’s different tastes. You might be surprised to learn what your dog’s new favorite snack is, and your pup will appreciate the extra goodies!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.