Young woman walking her adorable Pitbull at the park, wearing Black Dog Mom Defined T-Shirt from online outerwear and activewear clothing store for pet parents, they made me wear it. Happy Women's History Month!

Yes, Dogs Are Woman’s Best Friend Too

Dogs often have the title of man’s best friend—but we are here to celebrate the era of Dog Moms.

For as long as literature has been written about dogs, they have been given the ongoing title of man’s best friend. We fully support this idea—kind of. There are plenty of men who have bonded with their pups, men who have their doggy best friends and make lasting memories with them one walk at a time, but if dogs are all man’s best friend—where does that leave the women in their lives? We wholeheartedly believe that dogs are woman’s best friend too, and we’re going to tell you why.

Young woman sitting at the park with her beagle, wearing Irish Green Dog Mom Defined T-Shirt from online outerwear and activewear clothing store for pet parents, they made me wear it. Happy Women's History Month!
Always by my side!

Celebrating Women in March

Older woman at home with her adorable Golden Retriever sticking his tongue out as she gives him the biggest hug and kiss. Happy Women's History Month!
My mom loooooooves me 😂

The inspiration for this blog came with its timing. March is Women’s History Month and March 8th is when we ring in International Women’s Day, so this is the month to have women on the mind—and we realized that a lot of doggos out there do. We think that this is a very important time where we can celebrate and lift up women around the world, so we want to focus on some very special women in the world—Dog Moms. During this month, let’s remember to celebrate all of the amazing groups of women, but let’s focus on Dog Moms for the next few minutes.

Dogs and the Women in Their Lives

Young woman holding Chihuahua dressed in a winter jacket, watching the beautiful sunset. Happy Women's History Month!
I promise to keep you warm.

We are fully aware of the fact that there are wonderful dog dads who make sure that their pups have great and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for us to forget to celebrate the wonderful women that have lasting bonds with their doggie BFFs when we say things like man’s best friend, so this month, we are leaving that phrase behind and celebrating the wonderful bonds that women and their doggos share. Let’s break it all down, one Dog Mom fact at a time.

Man’s Best Friend? Think Again.

Young woman wearing yellow sweater holding an adorable mixed dog wearing a puple camouflage bandana. Happy Women's History Month!
My favorite travel companion.

Women around the world love, cherish, and adore their canine companions, and that’s why we want to celebrate the idea that dogs can be woman’s best friend too. We are often fed the old-timey story of a young boy and his pup—or the man who heads out into the woods with only his dog for companionship. And, these are wonderful stories, but they aren’t the only ones. Women have their own powerful stories too.

This month let’s celebrate the women who spend every free moment hanging out with their furbabies. We mean the Dog Moms who take their dogs out for a weekly puppucino or live on takeout but will still always throw on an apron to make organic dog treats for their favorite canine companion. The ladies who surrender 75% of their beds to their pups and always make sure that they take their supplements to support their health.

And, let’s remember that dogs can play an even more significant role for women—comfort and protection.

It isn’t a secret that being a woman can sometimes come with some additional fears. For a lot of women, having a dog isn’t just about having a best friend. It’s about having peace of mind, too. Every year, women adopt dogs that help them to feel safe at home and when going out. Doggos can offer comfort and support simply by being next to women, empowering them to head out on hikes or evening strolls without fear—or simply allowing them to feel safe and comfortable while living alone. These doggy guards help their Dog Moms to live more fulfilling lives simply by being present, and we think that is pretty special.

How Dog Moms Are Changing Doggo Lives

Young woman hugging and giving lots of love to the Bichon Frise in her arms. Happy Women's History Month!
My care and love for you is endless.

It is easy to see why Dog Moms love their doggos and find so much comfort in them, but let’s not forget about the dogs themselves either. There is quite a bit for a pup to gain from a Dog Mom, and already, Dog Moms have been changing and improving doggy lives too.

There is something beautiful and special about a Dog Mom who spends her days doting on her brand-new puppy, but this isn’t the only area where Dog Moms shine. Sure, women around the world are giving their pups incredible lives—but there is one other thing that makes Dog Moms so special.

Dog Moms are more likely to adopt senior dogs and dogs with disabilities—and there are quite a few pups that would tell you what an amazing thing this is. The reality is that making this choice doesn’t just offer these dogs a chance to have a better life. A lot of the time, this decision saves their lives.

Senior dogs and dogs with disabilities are more likely to be passed up on by potential families, which unfortunately leads to more of them living less fulfilling lives. For some, it can even mean being put down. The fact that there is a small army of compassionate Dog Moms marching out to save lives is so special, and we think that is worth celebrating.

The Beauty of the Dog Mom Bond

Young woman sitting on a deck outside, holding her Dachshund close to hear heart. Happy Women's History Month!
Our bond is ever lasting as the ties of this earth.

Dog moms and their pups can create a special and lasting bond that improves their lives forever. There are so many women who are raising incredible pups—putting in the work for training, spending their hard-earned money on the highest quality food, signing them up for doggy daycare and doggy subscription boxes. These bonds are beautiful, and though they might sometimes look different than the bonds that doggos share with their Dog Dads, they are every bit as special. You can create a unique bond with your dog, whether it involves backpacking or just napping on the couch together.

Dog Moms Choosing Pawrenthood

Young woman with curly hair kissing and hugging her chocolate French Bulldog sitting in her lap like a little baby. Happy Women's History Month!
Cuteness is our middle name.

As more women make the decision not to have children, dogs are playing an even more vital role in the family dynamic at home. We firmly believe that pawrents are just as important as traditional parents, and we think that dogs can play a special role at home for those who don’t have human children as well.

Today’s Dog Moms are just a different breed. They’re planning the outfits and play dates for their pups. They’re buying them adorable novelty toys and getting them pawdicures. They’re making picking up doggy poo stylish with cute designer bags and taking their furbabies on vacations with them around the world. Dog moms raise their pups to be the best floofs that they can be, and that is worth recognizing.

Groups that Celebrate Dog Moms

A group of women sitting on the grass, surrounded by their dogs on a sunndy day at the park. Happy Women's History Month!
“Dogs are not our whole lives, but they made our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

Already, amazing women around the world are taking huge steps to celebrate their status as Dog Moms, and they each have different goals. We love to highlight groups that we think offer something amazing for our community, and these two incredible groups are doing great work.

The Woman’s Best Friend Project (WBF)

Book cover of Woman's Best Friend written by Kristen Kidd. Perfect gift for Women's Hisotry Month!
Get the book Woman's Best Friend!

The Woman’s Best Friend Project (WBF) is a group that is fully committed to celebrating the beauty and love that is shared between Dog Moms and their pups. This group is known to offer their very own sessions that are aimed at sharing the stories that Dog Moms have with their adorable fur babies.

With WBF, women can create lasting memories that they will be able to treasure alongside their pet for years to come. Offering incredible photoshoots that are aimed at highlighting the special bond between women and their pets, they tell honest stories. The project itself is focused on celebrating how special dogs are—how they can be there for us when no one else is. This beautiful celebration focuses on the joy and health benefits that come with having a special bond with your dog. Every WBF volume is filled with inspiring stories and images celebrating the canine connection.

Black Women Love Dogs

Meet Christina and Kanna, the creators behind Black Women Love Dogs. Happy Women's History Month!
Unite a community of dog lovers and promote black owned businesses.

Founded by creators Christina (Dog Mom) and Kanna (dog), Black Women Love Dogs was created to celebrate pride for Dog Moms and, specifically, Black women. Seeing a lack of representation in the pet community, Christina and Kanna took it upon themselves to share their story and help to elevate other Black women with adorable canine companions.

At the heart of BWLD is a deep focus on celebrating dog lovers and simultaneously supporting Black-owned businesses. Formed with the hope of uniting the pawrent community, this is one project that is committed to normalizing the Dog Mom lifestyle—and showing just how fun it can be. By supporting small businesses and creating a space where people can connect, BWLD highlights the beautiful bond that is shared between Dog Moms and their furbabies.

How to Celebrate Your Dog Mom Status

Adorable dog laying on the ground looking up at his dog mom. Happy Women's History Month!
Have any treats up there 😂

Being a Dog Mom can be a full-time job, especially if you’re raising a dog that needs a little extra love. You deserve to be celebrated for your Dog Mom status, and there are quite a few ways that you can do this. Fortunately, today’s world is here to usher in the era of Dog Moms—and it can be a ridiculous amount of fun.

Invest in the Look

Beautiful young woman jogging along the street, wearing the Heather Gray Dog Mom Cropped Hoodie from online outerwear and activewear clothing store for pet parents, they made me wear it.

Adorably Chic Cropped


Made from the softest cotton/poly blend this dog hoodie will keep you comfy and stylish.

If you’re a Dog Mom, you should say it to the world—loud and proud. Dog moms are loving and supportive individuals who work hard to improve the life of a dog, so why not show everyone just how proud you are with the perfect Dog Mom look?

There are a ton of awesome ways to look like a Dog Mom, but we think that we’ve really nailed it with our adorable Dog Mom Cropped Hoodie. Anyone looking to shop dog mom apparel need not look any further—we’ve got you covered—literally. Available in several stylish colors, this is one hoodie that makes it possible to broadcast your Dog Mom status in a simple and fun way. With the bold letters, everyone will know that you’re a Dog Mom and you’re proud.

Themed hoodies are all well and good, but don’t be afraid to be a little extra here. You can find all kinds of Dog Mom goodies, like cups, t-shirts, phone cases, and more. The amount of Dog Mom accessories available is significant, meaning you can pretty much always find something in your preferred color and style. If you’re shopping for someone else, fun accessories like this can be the perfect gifts for Dog Moms. Sometimes, that special woman in your life just needs a Dog Mom Sweatshirt, you know?

Woman with braids and sunglasses, wearing Navy Dog Mom Defined Crewneck Sweatshirt from online outerwear and activewear clothing store for pet parents, they made me wear it.

Premium Crew Neck


This awesome sweatshirt is silky soft and super comfy!

Buy the Essentials

Young woman walking a bunch of dogs at the park. Happy Women's History Month!
Life is so much better with dogs!

It is always nice to have the apparel, but there are so many other options when it comes to flexing as a Dog Mom—and these essentials are all about spoiling your special pup. We know that every dog and every Dog Mom duo is completely different, and the good news is that the pet industry fully supports and celebrates these differences.

Every Dog Mom needs the proper essentials to support and cherish their four-legged bestie. There are the common accessories, like fashionable leashes and adorable sets of dog bowls—but the market is much bigger than that. Show your Dog Mom power with adorable doggy bags and doggy bag dispensers, water bottles for your doggo, and some fun (and cute!) toys.

Share the Love

Young Asian woman sitting outside cuddling up with her Toy Poodle. Happy Women's History Month!
Ready to share our love with the world?

One of the best ways that you can celebrate your identity as a Dog Mom is to share the love, and honestly, this is something that we really need to normalize. Share stories of your time with your pets and those precious moments that you share. Tell your friends when your pup learns a new trick. Be the Dog Mom that runs a fire Instagram account for their pup. Show everyone around you just how much you love your pup and be open about it!

The Takeaway

Woman at home sitting on the floor, cuddling with her beautiful Golden Retierver. Happy Women's History Month!
My soulmate and my dearest friend.

Dog Moms improve dog lives, and that is something that we absolutely want to celebrate. This month, be sure to raise a toast to the amazing Dog Moms in your life—including yourself! This is the month to remember that there are so many happy and loved pups who are always excited to cuddle up with mom at the end of the night. We believe that these loving and empathetic women are doing amazing work, and whether other people think it is too much or not, we love to see Dog Moms doing what they do best—loving their dogs!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.