Meet Dilla: the FrenchBo Who'll Make You Rethink How To Dress Your Dog

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Dilla - The Gentle Soul

Did someone say ball?
Where is it? I know you have it.
Come on, give me the ball!"

French Bulldog Dog and Boston Terrier mix named Dilla, wearing his favorite doggy costume: Ride 'Em Cowboy Dog Costume from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Dilla loves the Ride 'Em Cowboy Dog Costume.

Oh hey…I didn’t see you there. Let me introduce myself. My ‘hoomans’ call me Dilla (yes, my namesake is the late great record producer J Dilla) but for some reason, most two-legged friends call me “Dylan”. I usually don’t have the heart to correct them because I’m a gentleman, you see, and there are far more important things in life, like…belly rubs, food, treats and of course fashion! And treats, did I say treats?

I’ve had a pretty charmed life; adopted at just eight weeks old by doting ‘pawrents’ who smother me with love and affection. So much so they put me in the most ridiculous outfits and take me with them everywhere they go, just to show me off 😉.

All the traveling has been so exciting from Colorado to San Francisco to New York to Los Angeles to Boston to DC to Texas to Puerto Rico. I’m always wearing a different outfit depending on the weather and where we're traveling, so life never gets dull.

Dilla a French Bulldog Dog and Boston Terrier mix, wearing This Dog Loves Sleep Bathrobe from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Little man sporting our uber soft “This Dog Loves Sleep” Bathrobe.

I have to tell you, guys I’m like a hawk when it comes to protecting my sister Willow. She's had a rough start in life so I feel it’s my duty to make sure she has fun all day, every day. (Don't worry, you’ll meet her soon). Can’t wait to share our good times and favorite looks with you!

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About the author: Pawrent to charming pups Willow and Dilla, Gabrielle grew up surrounded by the sweetest dogs at work and around the neighborhood, but never had her own. Willow and Dilla changed her life…and the rest was history. CRAZY about pampered pooches, Gabrielle's idea of a perfect day is dancing around the house with her husband and dressing up her furbabies then cuddling them to sleep.

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