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2022’s Most Popular Dog Names and Why

The Best Name for Your New Pup

Every year, new pups are adopted and they need some amazing names to match. Find out 2022’s trending names!

Pets are valued members of our families, and just like us, they need something to go by. A pet’s name can tell people so much about them—or might just end up being funny depending on your pet’s personality. For pet owners looking to adopt a new pupper in 2022, choosing the right name can feel like a huge task. Fortunately, we are here to help you choose a name that will look pawsitively amazing on your dog’s tag!

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Hello, what's your name?

What is in a Name?

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Summer is the perfect time to adopt a new pup. Let’s be real, potty training is a lot easier when the weather is nice! For all of the training, special moments, and even moments when your dog is not behaving, you need something to call them—and your dog’s name is very important.

Choosing the right name is something that everyone approaches differently. Some people keep the names that their dogs are given by the rescue, while others choose a name that is very special to them. You might choose to name your dog based on a physical feature or the meaning behind a name. Just make sure that you pick one that you absolutely love and will be happy to say for years to come.

Don’t worry—we’ve explored the top dog names across every major site to help you to find the right name for your new pup!

16 Top Female Dog Names

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A name just for you.

Dog owners are always looking for the most popular dog names, but these names can vary. For that adorable Miss Puppy in your life, you want to choose a name that will suit her style and personality. Try these on for size.

Two young girls and their three girl dogs sitting in the grass at the park.
The bond we share with our pups is everything.

1. Lady

Simple, classic, and oddly descriptive, this adorable name means exactly what it implies—your dog is a lady. A tough, adorable, loving Lady!

2. Bella

Meaning “beautiful” by definition, we love this classic dog name for all kinds of dogs. Whether your dog looks like a canine Instagram model or they have the most beautiful spirit that you have ever seen, this name is sweet and perfect for pups of all shapes and sizes.

3. Daisy

Is your new pup an adorable little living being that is full of beauty and wonder? Daisy might just be the perfect name for them. According to flower symbolism, daisies are known to represent innocence and purity—a perfect name for a good girl!

4. Ruby

Is your pup a gem that brings color and value to your life? Rubies are one of the most precious gems available, and despite the scandal that follows them in Bridgerton, they have incredible value. Known to symbolize wealth and prosperity, these beautiful gems bring so much to those who own them—just like how your new pup will bring so much to your life after adoption. This cute and feminine name is a classic.

5. Arya

Game of Thrones might be over—kind of—but is it ever really over? Pawrents and parents alike are eager to have daughters and dogters that bring some serious Arya Stark energy. Meaning “honorable” in various places, this is a powerful name that is perfect for a dog that is sweet and stubborn.

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The best of friends!

6. Willow

Okay, we might have a slight bias with this one, but can you blame us? Willow is the perfect name for a rescue dog because, in case you didn’t know, willow trees are surprisingly tough plants. These gorgeous trees look amazing, but that isn’t all that they offer. A willow tree can thrive in even the most unfavorable conditions, making them the perfect symbol of strength and power. We believe that rescue dogs are often like willow trees, and we love to celebrate that doggy toughness. It helps that it is a seriously cute name too!

7. Gaga

Lady Gaga fans have discovered that Gaga is a really cute name for a pup. If you’ve got a pup that is bringing that big center-of-attention energy—or just has a big voice, you will find that Gaga is a seriously perfect name for them. Classy, modern, and fun, this is always a good 2022 option.

8. Cardi

Cardi B is changing the game in a lot of ways, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans are loving this name for their pets. This adorable and chic name is perfect for spirited pups that are never afraid to let their voices be heard.

9. Frida

Shared far and wide by the incredibly talented Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, this name goes in and out of popularity with the seasons. It’s a short and simple name with a history that is huge. Is your pup the next big inspiration in the neighborhood? Try this one out!

10. Celeste

Meaning “heavenly” or “celestial” in most circles, this starry name is beautiful. Perfect for the most refined pups who are always looking up at the stars, this adorable name is elegant—but it can easily be shortened too!

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You're special to me, here and always 😘

11. Sage

Witchy dog parents or those who are interested in herbs will find that this name always strikes true. Meaning “herb” or “prophet” depending on who you ask, this short and sweet name is very neutral and just plain cool.

12. Nala

The Lion King is a classic film that so many of us have grown up cherishing, so why not bring some of that energy to your new pup? This beautiful name, which means a drink of water in the desert, is a classic that generations keep on bringing back.

13. Luna

Stargazers and Harry Potter fans alike will love this adorable name, which has been popular for ages. Meaning “moon” by definition, Luna is a cute and simple name that is perfect for sweet dogs who are looking to bring the love and beauty of the night sky.

14. Tinkerbell

Some digs are 100% personality and attitude, which means that quite a few of them deserve this name. Taken from Peter Pan and referring to one particularly spirited pixie, this adorable name is cute and easy to shorten.

15. Lila

Meaning “night” or “beauty” depending on who you ask, this night-themed name is beautiful. It’s short enough to easily etch on a tag, but pretty enough to always get compliments from the people around you.

16. Sarah Jessica Barker

Some dog parents are obsessed with puns, and few are more hilarious than this twist on Sarah Jessica Parker’s name. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or you just love Sex and the City, this cute name is a ton of fun.

14 Top Male Dog Names

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Your smile lights up the world.

There are common dog names from all over the world, which means that there is always a chance to find something great for the pup in your life. Your perfect good boy deserves one of the coolest dog names you can find—here are a few for you to consider.

1. Hercules

Taken straight out of mythology, this powerful name is just as great for big dogs as it is for small ones. It comes with a great reputation, whether you follow the myth or just love the Disney movie. Bold, strong, and adorable, it’s an easy choice.

2. Thor

Another name straight out of mythology, this short and simple name has a huge story behind it. You might love the classic tales of Thor’s triumphs, or you might just love Marvel. Whatever the reason, we love this one!

3. Marley

This name was made extra popular by musical genius Bob Marley, and it is also a great name for a pup with a laid-back personality. Though you might not shorten this one, the name itself is simple and sweet for a loving dog.

4. Max

Carrying the bold definition of “greatest” in many families, this classic name is great for dog parents who love dogs with human names. We think Max is totally the new Rex!

5. Claude

For the little furry gentleman in your life, Claude is a classic French name that totally brings vibes. This classic name is perfect for dogs that love to dress up and stand out!

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We are inseparable and I wouldn't have it any other way.

6. Milo

This adorable name means “dear” or “beloved”, so it isn’t surprising that dog parents are loving this for their adorable pooches. This sweet little name is a perfect fit for gentle dogs.

7. Bear

Your pup is a dog, not a bear—but some dogs make us wonder. If you’ve got a big and fluffy puff or a small pup that looks like a stuffed animal, Bear can be the perfect name. This cute classic has been favored for generations.

8. Buddy

Your pup is going to be one of your closest friends, so why not remind them with this simple name? A popular choice for ages, this name announces to everyone that your dog is your best pal.

9. Leo

Meaning “lion” or “bravery” depending on who you ask, Leo is a name that spikes in popularity. You might have a dog that looks like a lion or who never backs down from the bunnies in your yard. Regardless, this cute name is a great choice.

10. Elvis

The king of rock can’t be beat, so why not go with this stylish name? Guaranteed to give your dog a huge confidence boost, this name is always a hit.

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Let's live in this moment forever!

11. Buzz

With the new Buzz Lightyear movie coming out, we will see more dog parents picking this cute name. Fun and totally out of this world, your pup will love their name!

12. Pablo

This name, which means “little” or “small”, is a great option for huge dogs and tiny dogs alike. Choose it for its stylish sound, or just to give your pup a creative descriptor!

13. Bruiser

Legally Blonde is one movie that always strikes true, so why not name your pup after Bruiser Woods, one of the most famous pups in film? Ironically given to small dogs and accurately given for big dogs with powerful sweeping tails, this is a classic.

14. Arf Vader

Pun-based names can be shared far and wide or quietly kept as a secret for the family. However, you approach it, this hilarious name is perfect for goofy dogs and serious dogs alike.

6 Top Gender-Neutral Dog Names

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With me always!

Aiming for gender neutrality can help you to find a unique name for a dog. Dog parents love stepping out of traditional gendered names to try on names that are just plain cool. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites for you.

1. Scout

This adorable name means “to listen” and it is considered one of the top gender-neutral names. Sweet, simple, but somehow really packing a punch, this is the perfect name for your new doggy adventurer.

2. Kai

This name has a lot of different definitions depending on who you ask. It means “sea” to some and “shell” to others. No matter what definition you love, it is a cute and simple name that always fits well.

3. Pretzel

Who doesn’t love a delicious pretzel? Food names for dogs are becoming even more popular in recent years, and this adorable name is one of the more original ones that we love.

4. Tofu

This name is becoming so popular for pets, and we do love its cute little sound. Perfect for the dogs of plant-based eaters, this adorable name is tons of fun.

5. River

Taken from the flowing water that has allowed animals and humans alike to thrive, this cute name is great for nature lovers and science fiction fans too!

6. Perrita or Perrito

Meaning “little dog” or “puppy”, it is easy to see why this cute name, which can be modified to suit your dog’s gender, is such an easy choice. It’s cute and oddly descriptive!

What is the #1 Dog Name for 2022?

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A dog isn't just a pet, they're family!

There are so many names that breeze in and out of popularity, so it can be hard to choose the best one. Personally, we believe that the very best dog name is the one that you love saying and that has a special meaning to you!

Sharing Your Dog’s Name in Style

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Until next time, thank you for reading!

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