Jack Russell / Rat Terrier wearing wearing the Iridescent Violet Unicorn Horn for Dogs from online dog clothing store they made me wear it and celebrating National Unicorn Day.

National Unicorn Day

How Your Dog Can Celebrate

Unicorns are magical beings made of light and wonder, and we think that your doggo wants to celebrate them!

We normally use all of our time and energy to talk about dogs, but today, we’re going to let dog share the spotlight with another animal that everyone loves—unicorns! Unicorns are some of the most wonderful magical beings, and people around the world celebrate them every year on National Unicorn Day. Read on to learn more about these magical creatures and how you can celebrate this day with your favorite canine companion!

Adorable creature, the unicorn or known as pegasso in mythology, taking flight into the clouds. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Fly away with me.

What is National Unicorn Day?

Unicorn in the willd, mythologial character representing tranquility and ethereal dreams. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
A real life fairytale 🦄

On April 9, 2022, the people in the United States will get together to celebrate unicorns with National Unicorn Day. This is a day to celebrate one of the most beloved magical creatures to ever exist (even if it is only in our hearts), and we love how much positivity and love comes with this holiday!

Fun Facts About Unicorns

Young girl petting a unicorn outdoors trying to connect in a majestic fantasy world. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
To know you is to love you!

Unicorns are creatures that are often recognized as horses with a single horn growing from the center of their head. These famed magic beasts are present in all kinds of media, including The Last Unicorn, Stardust, and Harry Potter. These magical animals are known to spread love, joy, and happiness—but there is so much more to learn about them!

There Are Different Kinds of Unicorns

Beautiful white, spring mare and her foal unicorn, look towards a sound they heard deep in the forest full of cherry blossoms. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Some kind of wonderful!

Unicorns are often depicted as having white fur and an iridescent horn, but that single depiction, much like media covering all species, is not necessarily indicative of the full picture. Throughout history, unicorns have been shown in a variety of different forms, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Beautiful black unicorn caught in the ocean with a big moon looming in the background. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
“Those who don't believe in Magic, will never find it ” ~ Roald Dahl

In lore, unicorns can be a product of their surroundings. You might find a beautiful green unicorn that any druid would love to befriend—or perhaps a shimmering blue unicorn that finds its place by the sea. Some depictions of unicorns have differently colored horns, and others have exciting unicorn upgrades, like wings!

The Unicorn Meaning Makes Perfect Sense

Majestic unicorn soaring through a surreal sky, a symbol of freedom, magic and hope. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Up in the clouds is where I keep my sacred dreams.

Have you ever thought that unicorn was a fun word and wondered what it meant? Well, the truth is that this is not just a fun word that was chosen at random. In reality, the title unicorn actually translates to one horn, which obviously suits the appearance of these magical creatures. Personally, we wouldn’t mind seeing a duocorn either!

Unicorn Stories Started in Ancient Greece

Famous unicorn statue, sculpture on the parliamnet buildings in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
It is said the Ancient Greeks believed unicorns were real.

Most of us think of unicorns as these perfect beings created for children’s stories, but that isn’t actually true. The first depictions of unicorns trace all the way back to ancient Greece. As if these individuals weren’t already coming up with amazing stories, they decided to dress it up by inventing one of the most iconic creatures of all time.

They Are Said to Be Pure and Kind

Beautiful unicorn walking alone in a magical forest. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Alone I walk, but in my heart you're beside me.

When reading lore, most of us find that it can be fairly dark, but that isn’t the case here. Unicorns are generally said to be pure and kind beings that share love and joy. They are almost universally praised as being wonderful creatures that only bring good to the world. Unfortunately, the stories do often depict mean human beings or other magical creatures trying to capture unicorns for their magic.

Some Believe Unicorns Can Heal

Unicorn in a forest with magical sun rays shining through the trees, creating the most beautiful fantasy. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Light up the world around you.

Though we can all agree that unicorns would be amazing just based on physical appearance and general vibe alone, unicorns are notorious for having good magic—including healing powers. Some people believe that unicorn hair, blood, and tears can be used to assist in healing. Other rumors state that, in order to be healed, a person need only touch the horn of a unicorn.

Baby Unicorns Have the Cutest Name

A beautiful watercolor illustration of a small unicorn with wings. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
There's magic inside you!

Unicorns might be beautiful and majestic, but there is also the matter of cuteness that is baby unicorns. A baby unicorn is exactly as adorable as you might imagine, offering the stunning unicorn features in a compact and adorable body. These precious beings are called sparkles. Yes, a baby unicorn is known as a sparkle, and if that doesn’t make you fall in love with them, we honestly don’t know what will.

They Do… Something with Rainbows

Unicorn standing in the rainbow forest, a beautiful light phenomenon. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
There's beauty in the magic .

Around all unicorn lore, there is a fairly constant focus on rainbows—for better or worse. Those of us who prefer to keep things clean and orderly prefer to focus on the sentiment that unicorns travel via rainbow. It is certainly quite a thought to imagine a beautiful unicorn prancing across a rainbow to travel from one place to the next. We have to admit that, if nothing else, unicorns really came up with the right solution for traffic.

Though traveling unicorns is a perfectly delightful thought, there is a secondary belief about unicorns and rainbows. Some people believe that unicorns actually poop rainbows. It might not be the most appropriate topic of conversation for the dinner table, but we can certainly all agree that it is better than the alternative if their horse cousins are anything to go by!

Why Unicorns Are Perfect Doggy Role Models

French Bulldog dressed up as unicorn wearing a beautiful spring flower headband adorned with a metallic gold unicorn horn. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Sweet and magical just like you cutie 🦄🐶

There is so much to love about unicorns, and we believe that they are also incredible role models for dogs. Every doggo needs something to look up to, and we fully believe that unicorns meet the doggy standards for excellence. The good boys and girls of our world can learn quite a bit from their horned horse pals!

They’re Full of Love and Rainbows

Golden Retriever smiling wide, sitting in the grass wearing a spring floral headband with a metallic gold unicorn horn. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Your smile is infectious シ

The most obvious reason that unicorns make incredible role models can be seen in almost any unicorn drawing. Often, unicorn pictures show unicorns as these loving and gentle magical creatures—a vibe that certainly suits what we like to see from our dog.

Unicorns are notorious for their love and care, as well as their dedication to helping others. Dogs demonstrate these behaviors all the time, which is another reason that unicorns are the perfect creatures for pups to look up to!

Pro-tip: imagine your doggo running across a rainbow with their unicorn mentor. Adorable, right?

People Love Them

Sweet Husky dressed up for Halloween as a princess unicorn, wearing an adorable pink unicorn horn with bubbles flying around. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
It's okay to be different, cherish your uniqueness.

The general lovability of unicorns is yet another reason why they can inspire pups all around the world. People adore unicorns, and they are generally considered to be one of the most lovable creatures. This is why we use them to show off powers of love and share loving sentiments.

People love dogs, but we have to admit that unicorns have won over more than their fair share of humans. The pups of our planet have the ability to be just as loved as these famed mythic creatures, and with a little time spent learning from the professionals, we fully believe that they can take our puppy love to the next level!

They’re a Rare Breed

Adorable Corgi at the beach, rocking a magical unicorn dog costume complete with a shiny metallic purple unicorn horn. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Life is better as a unicorn 😉

Something that is exceptionally charming about unicorns is the fact that they are incredibly rare—a fact that is widely celebrated. We live in a world where new mutts and mixes are being born every single day, and we absolutely love that. We think that the variety in dogs is something to be celebrated, that each dog is rare—just like a unicorn!

For too long, people have focused on this dog or that dog, and while we absolutely love how many breeds and amazing dogs there are, we think that it is time to celebrate every single dog for how special and rare they are. Today, we’re not just celebrating unicorns. We’re sharing the inspiring message that there is beauty in being different and rare, even if your mom was a husky and your dad was a poodle!

How to Dress Your Dog for the Holiday

Cute Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier mixed dog dressed up as a magical unicorn. sporting a teal dog hoodie with a pink fuzzy white unicorn headband. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Did you say magic? I'm magic!

You know that we love to celebrate the holidays in style, and this one is not any different. This is why we are so proud to introduce our new line of exciting unicorn clothes for dogs. We believe that unicorns are an inspiration for pups around the world, so we are giving you the chance to let your dog show their unicorn pride one adorable piece of clothing at a time!

To add to the excitement, we are taking 15% off all unicorn products for the holiday—so don’t miss out!

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Dog Unicorn Tee

Jack Russell / Rat Terrier rokcing the Embroidered Unicorns Rock Hot Pink Dog Tee from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Embroidered Unicorn


This soft and sweet dog shirt is perfect for spring and summer weather.

Nothing says “I love unicorns” quite like a classic tee, which is why we designed this adorable shirt to make it easy for your canine companion. This simple t-shirt shows off your dog’s love of unicorns in a casual and comfortable way.

Available for wear by big dogs and small dogs alike, this is the perfect way to low-key celebrate unicorns on this holiday. It breathes easy, making it a good fit for the furriest of floofs on a warm day!

Dog Unicorn Dress

Jack Russell / Rat Terrier sitting down showing off the back of the Embroidered Unicorn Dog Dress in Violet from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.

Relaxed fit


Sleeveless and embroidered, this dog dress is so comfy and great for your pup to wear on daily walkies.

Some dogs prefer a casual dress for their daily wear, like Willow, and we fully support this style. To make sure that our dress-loving pups can share their love for these famed mythical creatures, we have also created a unicorn dress to add to the cuteness.

Dog Unicorn Hoodie

Jack Russell / Rat Terrier wearing the adorable Baby Blue Embroidered Unicorn Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Buttery Soft


This lightweight and comfy dog hoodie will keep your furbaby warm on nightly walks.

The simple truth is that some dogs just prefer a good hoodie, especially on a cool day or when the air conditioning is cranked up. Our unicorn hoodie was made to help your dog show just how much they love unicorns to anyone who walks by. Fitted with breathable fabric that moves when they do, this unicorn hoodie is perfect for keeping dogs comfortable and festive at the same time.

Collar & Leash Set

Jack Russell / Rat Terrier wearing the Magical Unicorn Dog Collar & Leash Set in Party Pink and Blue Rose. The perfect collar and leash set for medium and large dog breeds for National Unicorn Day. Shop accessories from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Sweet & Durable Unicorn


Available in two vibrant colors: Party Pink and Blue Rose.

Though some dogs want to dress up for the holiday in a casual way, others prefer to go all-out with matching accessories. Your pup can go the extra mile in showing their unicorn pride with themed a collar and leash set instead. This set is absolutely perfect for dogs that want to complete their look—or those who just want a good set of unicorn daily wear!

Unicorn Horn for Dogs

Unicorn Horn for Dogs from online dog clothing store they made me wear it. Available in 6 magical colors: Aqua Sparkle, Hot Pink Sparkle, Violet Sparkle, Iridescent Violet, Iridescent White and Metallic Violet.

Cool & Majestic


Your dog will look adorable wearing this super cute and must-have unicorn horn!

Doggy accessories have come a long way, but we decided to take things one step further with the introduction of our unicorn hat horn. This allows your dog to look just like their favorite unicorn idols with a fun and extra adorable horn of their very own! It is a simple dog unicorn costume addition that any hat-loving dog will enjoy.

Where Dogs & Unicorns Come Together

Adorable French Bulldogs wearing pink and blue unicorn horn headbands. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
How cute are we?

Dogs would absolutely love unicorns, and we think that unicorns would definitely love dogs—but what about the areas where they meet? There are a few adorable tales of fluffery involving dogs and unicorns that we want to share.

The Unicorn Dog

Rae, the famed ‘unicorn dog’ that has been making headlines, brings together puppydom with a unicorn twist. Born with an ear that rests in the center of her head, she took her doggy unicorn cosplay to the next level. This adorable furbaby has a horn of her very own (even if it is soft and fluffy), and it might not have the same magic healing powers of a unicorn horn, but we fully believe that the images of her have healed something in us.

The Dog Who Couldn’t Resist a Stuffed Unicorn

Adorable labrador mix holding close his stuffed unicorn. Celebrating National Unicorn Day!
Everything is all right when I have my bestie with me.

Sisu is another canine that made headlines—but not necessarily for being a good boy. This adorable dog was a stray that repeatedly broke into a local dollar store to steal a very specific purple unicorn stuffie, and honestly, we just can’t blame him for it. This dog saw a great toy and knew that he just had to have it. Unfortunately, it meant that the store had to call Animal Control because he repeatedly stole the toy. Fortunately, this viral story led to Sisu finding his forever family!

The Takeaway

Willow, a Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix, wearing the Iridescent Violet Unicorn Horn for Dogs and the adorable Hot Pink Embroidered Unicorns Rock Dog Tee from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Pair our adorable unicorn horn and collar set for the complete magical look 🦄

We love unicorns, and we love dogs—but above all else, we love it when they come together. Helping your dog to find the perfect way to celebrate this holiday can provide a wonderful bonding experience (and a ton of amazing photos). Whether you watch your favorite unicorn movie or head out in matching unicorn-themed outfits, your dog will just be happy to share some extra time with you. Be creative, and remember to celebrate this wonderful creature!

Don't forget, we are taking 15% off all unicorn products for the holiday—so don’t miss out!

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Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.