French Bulldog wearing the Teddy Bear Doggy Rain Jacket from online clothing store they made me wear it.

Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

Doggy fashion is all the rage, but is it actually okay for pets to wear clothes? Let’s find out.

Pet clothing shops are popping up all over, and dogs have never looked more stylish. Doggy fashion is a fun way to celebrate style with your pet—but some pawrents find themselves wondering if they should really visit their local posh puppy boutique—or if this is something that they should just ignore for the sake of their dog. Every dog parent wants their pet comfortable and safe, so let’s explore what dog clothes really mean for the pooches that wear them.

Petey, an adorable chihuahua standing up and looking sideways wearing the Bubblemgum The Snuggle is Real Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Um... when do I get that treat? Shop hoodie!

What is Doggy Fashion?

French Bulldog wearing the Teddy Bear Doggy Rain Jacket from online clothing store they made me wear it.
Cute and sweet, this raincoat will keep your furbaby cozy!

Doggy fashion is a growing fashion and accessories industry that is dedicated entirely to dogs. This new interest is driven by how much people love their pets, and dog parents around the world are dressing their pups up so that they look pawsitively amazing!

In general, doggy fashion is broken down into three primary categories: clothing, accessories, and costumes. Clothing covers everything from adorable doggy dresses to dapper doggy jackets. If there is a human version of it, you can probably find it for your pet.

Chocolate French Bulldog wearing the Yummy Dog Harness Collar and Leash Set in Fruit Salad pint from online doggy boutique shop they made me wear it.
Add a little bit of sweetness with this leash set and personalize with your pup's name.

Accessories come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are functional, like designer collars with matching leashes. Others are more in line with traditional accessories, like glasses, bandanas, and hats. These accessories can instantly upgrade your pup’s look.

Doggy costumes have been a more prominent version of doggy fashion for years now. Though dog parents around the world are investing in true fashion from pet clothing shops, the majority of people are used to only dressing up their dogs in costumes, like for Halloween or other special holidays. This is changing as more pawrents find that their dogs can show off their fluff in style with the right outfit. Now, doggy fashion is an everyday event.

Doggy Fashion and Your Pup

Black Cane Corso Dog wearing thick, quilted dog jacket, sitting next to him dog mom in the grass.
Mama, it's freaking cold out here!

Your dog is probably not going to head out for a furry shopping spree without your help, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t have preferences. Doggy fashion is complicated, and the fact is that it really isn’t ideal for every dog. Some dogs like to sport a new outfit every day while others prefer to just sprint around, wild and free, with only the fur that their mama gave them. Let’s explore the do’s and don’ts of dressing your dog.

Is it Safe for Dogs to Wear Clothes?

Adorable Pomeranian sitting down, wearing the beautiful Pink Daises Dog Blouse with High Ruffled Collar from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.
Spring is almost here are you ready? Shop the daisies blouse.

Safety should always be your top priority any time that you explore doggy fashion with your dog. Any time that you put something extra on your dog, you must be aware of the potential risk. Clothing can get caught on certain surfaces, cause dogs to experience a change in temperature, and can sometimes be a risk if ingested—which is why it is very important to keep an eye on your dog.

Doggy fashion is not inherently dangerous for pets. Plenty of pets get dressed up every day without issue, but that doesn’t mean that it is always safe. When pets wear clothes, you should always keep an eye on them to avoid accidents—just like you would when your pet wears a harness.

Some dogs can find themselves at risk in certain clothes. A dog that is prone to overheating likely shouldn’t wear a coat in the summer. A dog that is known to chew up and ingest anything they can get their mouth on could end up in danger if left alone in clothes. For some dogs, certain clothes aren’t a good fit because of the way that they fit or the way that the dog moves and plays. Being aware of your pet and their comfort is very important to determine if doggy fashion is safe for your dog.

Does My Dog Actually Like Wearing Clothes?

Adorable Schnoodle Savannah wearing neutral gray Personalized Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Savannah playing ball and looking adorable in her neutral gray dog hoodie.

A common sentiment that is shared among dog parents is a fear that their dogs might not actually like wearing clothes, and that makes sense. In this regard, it is important to recognize that every single pup is different, just like we humans are. There are some people who love to dress up and dance the night away and others who spend their entire day just looking forward to wearing shorts and a t-shirt at home. Dogs are very much the same way.

If you notice that your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy wearing clothes, you have a couple of options. The first option that we always recommend is making sure that their clothes fit correctly. Investing in a different size can make a world of difference for doggy comfort.

When you know that your dog is wearing the right size, it is time to consider the type of clothes that they are wearing. Just like with human fashion, doggy fashion varies quite a bit. Some dogs are fine in frilly skirts and pawfect hats, but others prefer something more comfortable, like a nice sweater. Again, it is important to look to your dog to determine their comfort. If they seem to dislike everything you put on them, it might not be right for them. Allow your dog an adjustment period and make accommodations to maximize their comfort levels.

Are Clothes Better for Certain Dogs?

Willow, a Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix, standing up and wearing the adorable Licorice Scarlet Little Angel Dog Dress from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.
Does this dress make me look like an angel?

Deciding if clothes are “better” for certain dogs really does come down to personal preference, but there is no arguing that for some dogs, clothes come with some extra benefits. Small dog clothes have been a leading force in doggy fashion, and this is with good reason—small dogs gain a lot from clothing.

Most small dogs are at constant risk when it gets cold. Dogs that have less mass to them tend to get cold more quickly, which is why doggy fashion can be a wonderful option. If you have a tiny dog that is always cold, you can safely assume that they will be happy when you give them a sweater.

Adorble Toy Poodle sitting down on the chair wearing the Royal Blue Who Rescued Who Doggy Tee from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
I'm just going to sit here and be cute!

Knowing how to dress a small dog is all about considering the temperature of the location and the comfort of your pup. As an added bonus, small dogs can also receive quite a bit of protection in the form of clothing. Several small dogs have avoided injury when attacked by larger dogs because of doggy jackets and other protective barriers.

Small dogs are not the only dogs that can benefit from clothes. Dogs with less fur often find themselves happy to have a sweater in winter, and some dogs just appreciate the additional comfort. For some pets, having clothing and a comfortable barrier can bring quite a bit of joy and even reduce anxiety.

Finding the Right Fit for Your Dog

Willow, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix wearing a dog sweater, teaching how to measure your dog for clothing.
Wanna ensure the right fit, learn how to measure your pup 😜

To ensure that your dog has a positive experience while wearing clothes, it is very important to find the right size. Sizing can be a little tricky when it comes to dogs, and it is important to understand that not all clothes run in the same sizes. Dog parents must focus on finding the right fit every time they buy a new piece of clothing.

Hoping to help pawrents and their pups enjoy doggy fashion more, we created our guide on how to measure your dog for clothing. It includes how to measure your dog’s chest for clothes and all of the other essentials that you will want to consider while shopping. Finding the right fit can have a huge impact on doggy comfort!

Understanding Doggy Preferences

French Bulldog wearing the adorable Dinosaur Doggy Rain Jacket from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
I wanna stay dry and be cute. Shop the raincoat!

If you want your dog to have a good relationship with clothes, it is very important to consider individual style and personality. Two pups can have completely different preferences when it comes to doggy fashion, and we know this from experience—Dilla and Willow couldn’t be more different.

Our beloved Dilla has always been one of those pups that just needs a little extra warmth and comfort. Having a thin coat and being prone to bruising, Dilla prefers all of the more cozy and comfortable fashion items. Soft cotton sweaters, hoodies, and PJs are what Dilla likes, and we accommodate him with his daily wear.

Willow is a little more adventurous than her brother, and she certainly has a love for fashion. She is all too happy to run around in dresses and jackets—even some of the fancier ones. However, she does have a specific ask for her clothes—she doesn’t want anything that will impede her from jumping or wagging her tail. We keep this in mind every time that we dress her.

Must-Have Doggy Clothes

English Bulldog wearing the awesome Trendy Relflective Dog Rain Jacket from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Being seen and staying visible is a must. Shop this adorable doggy jacket!

There are plenty of good ways to get started on doggy fashion, but we have a few recommendations to help you celebrate this month. We believe that each of these items is a perfect way to get started with pups of all shapes and sizes, and they are a lot of fun too!

Bubble Dog Jacket

Gray poodle wearing the adorable Mettalic Bubble Dog Jacekt in Electric Gold from online outerwear and activewear clothing store for pet parents, they made me wear it.

Battle the Winter Chill


Soft cotton lining makes this jacket a must have for those chilly winter walks.

Some dogs want to look like they are ready to take on the world, and our metallic bubble jacket is the perfect way to get it done. This wonderful jacket blends futuristic fashion with comfort and warmth. Available in both silver and gold, it is perfect for helping your dog to show off their unique style.

Given its mass and warmth, this is a wonderful investment for pups who are looking for a little extra warmth. This is a great way to protect your dog against the cold on those fall and winter days. This jacket is even better because it also offers a nice physical barrier around your pup. If your dog is constantly banging into hard surfaces, this jacket is a great investment.

Anti-UV Sun Protection Dog Hoodie

Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier rocking the Capri Anti-UV Sun Protection Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Lightweight Sun Protection


Living some place smoking hot? This silky soft hoodie will keep your pup cool and most comfortable.

Dogs around the world love the opportunity to get out in the sun and let their paws feel the grass, but the sun can be dangerous—even for dogs. If you’ve got a pooch that just loves to spend hours in the sun, our sun protection dog jackets are a great investment to keep them healthy.

Available in four different color patterns, this lightweight hoodie is entirely focused on keeping pups safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It even has a hood that can be used to offer additional protection for the head and ears of your favorite canine companion. Of course, if your dog isn’t comfortable with that, you can just leave the hood pulled back—no problem.

Protection against the sun is important for humans and important for pets. This is a great investment for dogs that love lounging by the pool or heading out on hikes. Its lightweight design makes it comfortable in a variety of different temperatures, all while offering the protection from harmful UV rays that dogs need.

Who Rescued Who? Dog Hoodie

Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier sporting the Royal Blue Who Rescued Who? Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.

Buttery Soft


Made from the softest cotton blend, this dog hoodie features a slit so you can pair it with your pup's favorite harness underneath.

The term “rescue” is something that has been around for ages, and with time, most dog parents have realized that the effect goes both ways. Though dogs are rescued every year by pawrents who want to give them a home, there is simply no denying that dog parents are able to benefit just as much from their beloved pets in several ways.

This adorable hoodie was made to share what we know—that wonderful dogs enter our lives, and that we are very lucky to have them. Whether you have raised a pup since they were a couple of months old or they came into your life later, rescue dogs change human lives for the better. We love that this hoodie shows this bond and understanding in a simple and fashionable way.

The Takeaway

Adorable mixed dog with big ears, wearing the awesome Nautical Dog Raincoat from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Got my raincoat, let's go for walkies!

Doggy fashion is at an all-time high, with dog parents around the world looking for ways to dress up their pups and show off their style—and we love to see it. It is true that some dogs won’t love dressing up, and that’s just fine. We believe that every pup has the right to express themselves on their own terms, whether it is with a fashionable dress or just running around with nothing but fur. We encourage all dog parents to explore what is available with their pets to find out what they like. You never know, your dog’s new favorite outfit might be one click away!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.