Golden glitter princess dog evening gown with a gorgeous trailing tulle train.

The Fabulous World of Luxury Dog Apparel

Dogs are adorable all on their own, but sometimes they need a little extra glamour too!

The world of furbaby couture is growing in a huge way, and you know that, like you, we love to see this change. Society’s interest in fabulous pet fashion is growing by the day thanks to social media and all of the doting dog parents all around the world, and it is one seriously cute change.

Adorable poodle wearing a handmade, dreamy baby blue dog wedding dress with a tulle lace chameleon sequin skirt.
This is what dreams are made of 🧚‍♀️ ... get the dress here!

Doggy fashion is fun, and it can be really cute—but sometimes our furbabies want and deserve a little more. Having your very own posh puppy is an option that can be explored with the right apparel. To find that perfect look, you need to know how to shop luxury dog apparel to find what works. Fortunately, we are here to guide you into the world of posh puppy boutiques, stylish dogs, and all kinds of fluffy cuteness!

What is Luxury Pet Apparel?

Handmade, violet gradient dog evening gown with an elegant trailing pearl train.
Graceful and elegant, will be her story.

Luxury pet apparel is exactly what it sounds like in every single way. It is apparel for dogs that is heavily focused on providing a sense of luxury and comfort to elevate pets to that next level of fashion. We pawrents are known to splurge on our own outfits every once in a while, and now, we can do it for our pets too.

This industry is growing at a really fast rate, and it is easy to see why. Sure, a doggo in sunglasses is a cute look, but what if it just isn’t what the situation calls for? Sometimes, your doggo needs a look that matches their circumstances, and that generally means reaching beyond your pup’s favorite onesie.

Adorable Maltese wearing a handmade, violet gradient dog evening gown with an elegant trailing pearl train.
Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Within the world of luxury pet apparel, there are a few different focuses. The industry offers everything from vintage dog wedding dresses to full fashion statement pieces. If there is a human outfit that is trending, chances are you can find it for dogs—but luxury pet apparel is about more than just clothing.

When Dogs Need Luxury Apparel

Beautiful, handmade, ivory classic tweed dog dress with pearl collar and gorgeous butterfly trim. The perfect twinning outfit for dog siblings and dog couples.
Classy and beautiful, dog fashion is a way of life.

To fully understand why luxury pet apparel is so wonderful (aside from just how cute dogs can be!), you must consider the ways that we use pet fashion. For a long time, most pawrents just dressed their dogs up for the occasional burst of cute, but modern pawrents are changing the game.

Doggy luxury apparel is a growing industry because pawrents are taking a notable interest in it what it can offer. Let’s talk about the times when pawrents have a reason to dress their fur babies up (not like we need one!).

Attending a Wedding

Beautiful, handmade, lolita dog wedding dress with a gorgeous ivory lace trailing train.
A dog bridal gown perfect for the posh puppy and pampered pooch.

The world of weddings is changing in a huge way, and it is looking a lot more… canine-focused. While the people of the world used to gush over flower girls and ring bearers, modern weddings are beginning to come with a ban on kids. Dogs, however, are fully welcome!

Now that more dogs are being invited to attend and participate in weddings, there is a higher need for fashionable doggy wedding gear. After all, weddings are photoshoot hot spots, and every doggo needs to look their best if they are going to be in attendance.

The most adorable Yorkshire Terrier wearing a beautiful, handmade, lolita dog wedding dress with a gorgeous ivory lace trailing train.
She lives life in her own little fairytale.

Whether your dog is a member of the audience or an active participant, you want them to look like they take their role seriously. Fortunately, luxury apparel is a great way to ensure that your doggo meets the dress code. Maybe they’re a guest at someone else’s wedding or standing next to you at yours—regardless, you want them to look nice.

Of course, there is another avenue for doggy weddings that is important to consider. More and more pawrents are having their dogs participate in their own adorable mock weddings. This is a great opportunity to put your favorite pup in a wedding dress or tux. Just be careful—it is a total cuteness overload.

Booking a Photoshoot

Handmade, fairy red princess tutu dog dress with an adorable matching bonnet.
A dress fit for a princess.

There are so many reasons that your doggo might end up in a photoshoot, and they all justify a complete wardrobe change. More dogs are joining their human counterparts in family photoshoots, giving your doggo a great reason to dress up with the fam, but that’s not all.

Adorable poodle wearing a handmade, fairy red princess tutu dog dress with an adorable matching bonnet.
It's hard being this cute.

Even though dogs might enjoy their role in a family photoshoot, some of today’s dogs only have one thing on their mind: Instagram. In a land of Instafamous dogs like style icons Izzy the Frenchie or 3ColorfulYorkies, every doggo is looking for their fair share of internet likes and follows—and a photoshoot can help! Dressing your doggo up in their best style is a wonderful way to get the Instagram attention that dogs are craving all around the world.

Izzy the Frenchie - The Queen

3colorfulyorkies - Elegance and Sheer Beauty

Landed a Movie Role

Poodle mix wearing handmade, royal court, swallow-tailed dog tuxedo with golden embroidery.
Ready for my close up 🎥

It’s a big world, but even a small dog can shine if they meet the right people. Any doggo looking to make it in a big movie role will find that the right outfit can really help them to shine. Maybe your doggo is looking to star in your neighbor’s new short film—or maybe you just want them to leave the right impression at an audition. Having a stunning outfit can really help to sell your doggo and their potential.

Lhasa Apso wearing a classic english dog evening gown with a luxurious trailing chapel train.
It's her world. We're just living in it! ❤️🖤

Going to Formal Affairs with Humans

Handmade, red rose princess dog dress with a  ruffled trailing train.
Ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles!

Modern dogs are not household pets. They are full members of the pack, and this means that they get taken to a lot more places in this day and age. Our dogs absolutely love attending events, but the fact remains that some events really do require a very specific dress code.

Maltese wearing a handmade, red rose princess dog dr4ess with a ruffled trailing train.
Your furbaby will stun in this red hot show stopper 🌹

Before you attend a formal affair with your favorite canine companion, it is important to make sure that everything is in line. They should have had a bath, gotten a hair trim if they need one, and they need the right outfit. Luxury pet apparel can make your doggo the star of the show when you turn up for a formal holiday party or attend any other dog-friendly event!

Their Birthday

Willow, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese Mix wearing a pink princess tutu dog dress to celebrate her 14th birthday.
Happy 14th Birthday Willow, Miss pretty in pink 💝🎀💖

There are so many reasons that a doggo might want a stylish outfit, but few are more personally significant than a birthday party. Our dogs are on this planet for a fraction of what we would like to see, and that means that every single birthday is an event that warrants a Gatsby-level celebration. In order to pull this off, your pup absolutely needs an outfit that helps them to shine.

Doggy birthday parties are officially major events, and there is no better way to show off your dog’s passing years than with a stylish outfit that highlights how they have grown and matured. Sure, you might not want to play fetch in a tux—but your doggo might! Having the right outfit can set the tone for the event and guarantee that your dog’s birthday photos are absolutely incredible.

Luxury Pet Apparel Must-Haves

Adorable Greyhound wearing the Renaissance 3-Piece Suit for Dogs from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.
This suit adds a touch sophistication to your pup's wardrobe.

With so many options available, it can be difficult for a pawrent to decide what luxury apparel items to buy their favorite pooch. Surprisingly, dogs don’t seem to weigh in all that much when it comes to choosing their own outfits, which means it is all up to you. Every doggo is different and has their own unique style, but we wanted to share a few of our favorite must-have items from the world of luxury dog apparel.

Vintage Elizabethan Dog Wedding Dress

Willow, Bichon, Maltese and Havanese mix wearing a designer, handmade, Vintage Elizabethan Dog Wedding Gown from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.

Inspired by the Elizabethan Era


This lovely handmade dog wedding gown will take your breath away!

Lace, licks, and lots of love! This adorable doggy wedding dress is an item that pet owners are guaranteed to love. Designed with a simple fit and plenty of adorable lace, this is one designer item that can immediately elevate your dog’s style on a big day.

You might think that a luxury dog wedding dress is a non-essential, but once you see it, you will absolutely fall in love. Whether your doggo wears it for their big day—or yours—you will find that this adorable dress will get your doggo all of the pets!

Royal Dog Tuxedo with Bow Tie

French Bulldog and Instagram model, BOCHY or aka @bochythebullie, wearing the handmade, Royal Dog Tuxedo with Bow Tie from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.

The Image of Classic Composure


The perfect royal dog suit for historical reenactments, cosplay, stage plays and other retro-inspired doggy events.

It isn’t easy being a royal dog, but someone has to do it. Pups around the world in all shapes and sizes are filled with royal doggy blood, and a lot of them love to show it off. This adorable tuxedo makes it so easy for dogs to share their refined sense of self in a way that is somehow both impressive and cute.

This tuxedo was made for dogs that have big attitudes, so don’t be surprised if your pup gets a little snooty when they put it on. We made this one for the dogs that only drink ice water, eat luxury kibble, or refuse to lie down on the couch if their blanket isn’t just right. We see you, royal dogs, and we made an outfit to match!

Elegant Black Lace Designer Dog Dress

Willow, Bichon, Maltese and Havanese mix wearing the handmade, Elegant Black Lace Dog Dress from online posh puppy boutique they made me wear it.

Romantic and Elegant


This little black dog dress features a sheer bodice with intricate floral lace embroidery, chiffon detailing and layers of tulle lace on the ruffled skirt.

Every dress-loving doggo needs a little black dress to slip into, and this ornate designer dress is one that your dog will fall in love with almost immediately. Fitted with lace and gorgeous design additions, this is for the most pampered pooch around. It has a sleek build with an adorable skirt that highlights doggy cuteness in a way that just can’t be beat!

Black and Gold Velvet Dog Tuxedo

Dilla, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier mix wearing the handmade, Black & Gold Velvet Dog Tuxedo from online doggy boutique shop they made me wear it.

Handmade to Perfection


This Baroque style dog suit is cut from premium quality velvet, giving it a soft and smooth feel.

Throughout the years, few color schemes have had more power than black and gold, and this is one outfit that goes with all fur types. This elegant tuxedo with intricate gold designs can take your pup from Pawper to Prince almost immediately, and it is comfortable for active dogs too. With its simple fit and grand design, your doggo will be ready to strut their stuff at your next formal event.

Our Luxury Dog Apparel Collection

Beautiful handmade, Vintage Tweed Designer Dog Dress inspired by legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel.
This tweed dog dress is elegant and timeless.

We created our luxury dog apparel collection to provide adorable pooches with the designer clothes that they want and deserve. Every single item is handmade and stitched to perfection in order to ensure complete comfort and fit for your doggo, but we also take it one step further.

Furbabies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors—and we love every single one of them, but we also know that sometimes standards don’t work. As humans, we hate when clothing doesn’t fit right, and we wouldn’t want your pup to feel any discomfort either. This is why we also offer custom sizes for dogs that don’t fit the traditional mold. We’re happy to make every doggo look their absolute best, regardless of how much floof they bring to the table.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Adorable, handmade, pink princess cake-tiered dog evening gown with a trailing tulle lace train.
Ruffles, laces, jewels oh my!

Last week pawrents dressed up their pups in celebration of doggy fashion. This day, known as National Dress Up Your Pet Day happens every January 14th. A wonderful day where furbabies can show off their best outfits, latest styles and killer accessories and shine in the spotlight!

Adorable Maltese wearing a handmade, pink princess cake-tiered dog evening gown with a trailing tulle lace train.
Wow them, every chance you get!

This day is an opportunity for pawrents to show the world just how dapper and gorgeous their pets can be. It doesn’t matter if your doggo has Resting Cute Face or still hasn’t grown into their ears—on this day, all dogs are celebrated for their doggy spirit and style. Custom wedding dog dresses, doggy tuxedos, and other fun fashion choices allow your dog to put their best self out there. Just remember to snap plenty of pictures for your pup’s Instagram!

The Takeaway

Adorable Poodle wearing a handmade, wool tulle lace dog coat dress with fur collar.
The perfect winter coat for doggy fashionistas!

Being a cute doggo is hard work, but it helps when you receive the right level of appreciation. Any pawrents looking to help their doggo show off will find that doggy fashion is a wonderful way to help them out. Doggy apparel is a fun industry that is growing quickly, and before long, you’ll probably see more pups wearing clothes to major events. By starting now, you can help your doggo be a trendsetter.

Luxury pet apparel is an investment in your doggo’s appearance, but it can also be fun for them to receive all of the extra attention from the people that see them. For the best experience, make sure you choose clothes that suit your dog’s style and keep them comfortable too!

Need an evening gown or wedding dress for your pooch? Attending a fancy affair or costume party where your dog must dress to kill? Contact us today and we'll help you find that special something just for your furbaby.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.