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Top 10 Dog Costumes to Celebrate Easter Weekend in Style

Whether you stayed inside or went out for an Easter egg hunt with your family, we hope you found a way to have a joyous Easter weekend.

As Willow and I grow older, I’m finding more enjoyment playing inside while my sister gets a little stir crazy. To my surprise, our pawrents took us on a longer walk today, making Willow super happy and me a little grumpy.

I didn’t stay crabby for too long because we both got to try on our new easter outfits. Want to see what Willow and I decided to wear for Easter Sunday?Follow us on Instagram and check out our story highlights.

Here are my top ten favorite Easter outfits for pups like me. Hint hint: mom, I would like some bunny ears next year 😉.

#10 - A Bunny and a Gentleman

Pardon me. Would you have any Cadbury Creme Eggs?

But of course…

#9 - Hop To It

I can see the Easter eggs from a mile away.

#8 - #EasterSquadGoals

I got all my peeps with me.

#7 - Bunny Hop Rock Out

Glowing up on Easter Sunday 😉.

#6 - Did You Get the Shot?

When the Easter Bunny holds on a lil bit too tight 😳.

#5 - Bunnies de Bordeaux

Nothing to see here...just a bunch of adorable bunnies 🐰🐶.

#4 - Easter Sunday Parade

The cutest float in town.

#3 - Basket of Love

Don’t know which one to nibble on first.

#2 - Get Your Beauty Sleep

Easter is a LOT for a bunny.

# 1 - Cry Me a Bunny

When the Easter egg hunt is cancelled 😭😭😭.

Honorable mentions

Sugar High

Can I get more of those jellybeans?

Split Personalities

Strange Case of Doctor Good Bunny and Mr. Bad Bunny.

The Easter Puggy

The undisputed Easter egg hunt champ, bitches!

Bunnies “R” Us

So many Easter outfits, so little time.

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Happy Easter everpawdy!

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Ooooh time for treats... Dilla out!

About the author: Willow, a Bichon Frise mix with eyes that’ll melt your heart is a daddy’s girl. She is also the first in line to go walking, first to get food, first for kisses and cuddles. Whatever it is, Willow likes to be FIRST. She spent most of her life living in shelters so things haven't always been easy. But now, she gets to write about dog fashion, her new family and cool lil brother Dilla. Cool as a cucumber and named after the late amazing record producer J Dilla, Dilla is a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix. Admittedly, he hasn't always been a fan of dressing up, but Dilla has come to dig only dog clothes that are comfortable and functional. Hoodies and sweaters are his favorite! Join these two as they help pups unleash their fashionable side.