Two husky dogs dressed in ghost costume, sitting on the front porch steps for Halloween house party.

Top 2022 Halloween Events for Dogs

Get Ready for a Howling Good Time

Silly humans think that Halloween is for them. Here’s a list of Halloween events for pets that will prove you wrong.

On October 31st, the world gets a little spookier. For us humans, this often means dressing in costumes and attending some fun parties—or maybe going trick-or-treating. However, for pet parents around the world, Halloween is quickly becoming a furry family affair. Each year, as the world gets more dog-friendly, more events for dogs are popping up. You can find these events in your area, but if you don’t see one that you like, remember that you can always host your own too. Let’s explore some of the best Halloween activities for you and your dog!

Why Are There Halloween Events for Dogs?

Adorable chihuahua dressed in spider web tutu dog dress for Halloween.
Itsy bitsy cutesy spider 🎃🕷️🐶🐾

You might be wondering why someone would host a Halloween event for dogs. The truth is that this all comes down to pet parents. More of us are starting to demand dog-friendly events and spaces. People and companies are seeing a need for it, and they are adapting to this new level of interest.

A lot of us dog parents take our dogs with us all the time. More people are realizing that dogs are a part of the family and deserve to be a part of exciting events—especially on holidays! Halloween events for dogs allow dogs to have fun, pet parents to enjoy themselves, and can even take the stress out of Halloween for dogs.

The Reasons Why Dog-Friendly Halloween Events Are so Important

After decades of Halloween events focused on humans, it is a really great thing that more events are accommodating dogs. There are some pretty good reasons why this is such a helpful new development. Let’s look at what these events really offer.

Is Halloween Stressful for Dogs?

You might not know this, but Halloween is easily one of the most stressful holidays for pets. In fact, pets go missing on this holiday every single year because they get anxious. If you think about it, it really makes a lot of sense. There are constantly ringing doorbells, people yelling and screaming, loud music, and tons of strangers in some fairly concerning costumes everywhere.

We might laugh at someone’s inflatable dinosaur costume, but for a dog, that looks like a giant monstrous creature and smells like it possibly just ate a human being! A lot of dogs end up scared on Halloween, so having dedicated events that offer a safe environment is a big deal.

Halloween Events for Pets Help Dogs Join in the Fun

If the way that our dogs react when we get home from a quick run to the store is anything to go by, our pups love spending time with us. This is natural. Remember, dogs are pack animals. Everything about them is programmed to make them love company. It makes them exceptional companions, but it also means that they can get kind of bummed out when we leave them out of things.

Halloween events that are designed for dogs give you the chance to give your dog exactly what they want—a chance to spend more time with you. These events allow us to celebrate holidays with our fluffy little family. We might think it’s fun or cute, but for pups, this is a special thing. They deserve to have a little Halloween fun too, and these events make it possible.

Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Dog to Halloween Events

Gorgeous dalmatian dog wearing cool devil horns on Halloween, looking up at his dog owner.
Watch out, this Dalmatian is feeling devilish 🔥🐾🎃

Preparation, research, and consideration can go a long way in making sure that your pup gets to enjoy Halloween comfortably. Before you take your dog to any dog-friendly Halloween events, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself. These questions will help your pup to stay safe and comfortable on this holiday.

What Can I Do with My Dog on Halloween?

The first question to ask yourself is, realistically, what can you do with your dog on Halloween? There are probably a lot of answers to this question and that can help you to start filtering out options to find the perfect event. Remember, there are more ways to celebrate Halloween with your dog than just going to a doggy Halloween party. What can you do to make this night special for your pet?

How Does Your Dog Do with Lots of People?

How your dog feels about crowds can play a huge role in whether they will enjoy dog-friendly Halloween events. These events tend to attract a lot of people. If you have the kind of dog that gets nervous in crowds, you might end up stressing them out a lot. Consider how many people will be there, how close together everyone will be, and how your dog is likely to respond to that.

How Will You Ensure Access to Water and Snacks?

Dog-friendly events do not necessarily mean it when they say friendly. Some events just mean that the event itself allows dogs. This means that, as the dog parent, you are responsible for accommodating the needs of your pet. Before you head out to a Halloween event with your pup, make sure that you know how they can have access to water and snacks when they need it.

How Will Your Dog Feel About Other Dogs Being Present?

Dog-friendly events bring a lot of dogs together. This can spell disaster if you don’t have a dog that gets along well with other dogs. Even if all the dogs are on a leash, you might still cause your dog to have a stressful Halloween if they can’t cope with all the other dogs in the area.

On the other hand, be sure to ask yourself if your dog is a little too friendly for these events. Will your dog be dying to play with other dogs and devastated if they can’t do so? Does your dog have any poor behaviors that might cause stress for other animals? Be sure to really think through these considerations.

Where Will Your Dog Go Potty?

Potty time is not optional, and you will find that it comes around a lot more when your dog is excited and around other dogs. When you head out to a dog-friendly Halloween event, be sure to consider where your dog will be able to do their business. You do not want to be the person cleaning up dog poop from a walkway or the floor of a building.

What Will the Experience Look Like?

Understanding the details involved with any event before you take your dog is very important. You will want to consider everything from how many people there are to how loud it will be to gauge your dog’s comfort. How is the event set up? Is it likely that you might not be able to do certain things if you bring your pet, or is the event truly designed for pets and their participation?

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog on Halloween

Mixed dog dressed in a Witch Dog Costume posing for Halloween photoshoot.
Ready to brew up some Halloween magic 🎃🧙‍♀️🐶 #HappyHowloween

Halloween can easily turn into Howl-o-Ween if you look for the right events. The events on this list are common event types that might be available in your area. However, it is important to remember to do your own search. You never know what kind of amazing Howl-o-Ween events are happening in your neighborhood. Look for local activities to find the best possible option.

Attend or Organize a Dog Park Halloween Party

Pet parents around the world are uniting, and this is even more true for pet parents that don’t have human children. Many parents of children host their own parties, and that is where pet parents got the idea. More of us are starting to host and throw exciting events—and what better place is there than the dog park?

Dog parks are a great place for dogs to socialize in many cases. It might be a good idea to see if your local dog parks are hosting any events on this day. This is a great opportunity to get your dog away from the house and the chaos that comes with neighborhoods on Halloween. Remember to look at local vets and indoor dog parks or doggy camps too. If there isn’t an event being hosted, be bold and host your own for other pet parents that want the same thing!

Throw a Dogalicious House Party

Depending on the weather, the dog park might not be the best place to host an event on Halloween. When this happens, it might be a good idea to throw a doggy Halloween party in your own home—or at least convince one of your friends or relatives to do so. There are so many ways to have fun here with decorations, costumes, and dog-friendly Halloween treats too. However, it is crucial to remember to turn off your porch light, so you are not routinely treated to a full party of howling canines.

Check Out a Dog-Friendly Halloween Run or Obstacle Course

Active dogs are always looking for a good excuse to get moving, and a lot of humans feel the same way. It is common for local cities and groups to host holiday-themed outdoor events. In some areas, this might mean dog-friendly 5Ks and marathons. In others, it might include an amazing obstacle course or agility course.

These events are so much fun and can do a great job of helping your dog to stay calm when Halloween night rolls around. Just remember to be considerate when deciding if you dog should wear a costume—or what costume they will wear—while doing physical activities. For their comfort and safety, you might want to take off their costumes.

Go to a Doggy Trick-or-Treat Street

Trick-or-treat streets happen every year. These events are generally used to give kids a safe place to go trick-or-treating rather than in the neighborhood, but they can also be dog-friendly. Give your pup the chance to go trick-or-treating for dog treats at a dog-friendly trick-or-treat street.

Visit Your Local Dog Bakery

Dog-focused businesses are known to host events for dogs, even if they are small. You can take a standard Halloween and turn it into an amazing day for your pup by taking them to your local doggy bakery. Even if there isn’t a formal event, you can get your pup a Halloween-themed treat that will feel like a big event for them.

Celebrate Howl-o-Ween in the Park

Parks are a really great place to celebrate Halloween with your dog. They have fresh air, space to run, and a distinct lack of trick-or-treaters most of the time. For some dogs, the best thing that you can do is to get them out of the house, so they aren’t stressed out by this holiday. A private or small Howl-o-Ween event in the park can be a great option.

Attend an Official Howl-o-Ween Celebration

Howl-o-Ween is a term that you will see applied to a lot of Halloween events for dogs. Many different areas are hosting these events. They’re a really great opportunity because they are made specifically for pups. This isn’t an event dogs can also attend; it is an event that was made for them. These events tend to have more accommodations and can be a ton of fun for your pup. Search for Howl-o-Ween in your area!

Take Your Chances with a Cabin (or tent) in the Woods

As we’ve discussed, Halloween can be rough for a lot of dogs. Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Halloween with your dog is to organize a camping or backpacking trip—or maybe visit a cabin. You can celebrate the spooky spirit of being out in the woods on Halloween night without subjecting your pup to loud noises.

Check Out a Costume Party

Dilla, a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier Mix wearing the spooky Chucky Doll Dog Costume out the Lilly House in Toluca Lake, California.


Adorably Spooky

Dress up your furbaby on Halloween in this awesome Chucky Costume and make it a spooktacular evening 😱

Dog costumes are so much fun that pet parents are obsessing over them. Doggy costume parties are as thrilling as they are adorable, and your dog will love them too! Dressing up your dog on Halloween makes this holiday way better. You can attend a formal event or throw one of your own with friends. Either way, make sure that every dog has the perfect costume. For dogs that want to be big scary on Halloween, we recommend our Chucky Dog Costume or our Tarantula Dog Costume!

The Takeaway

Two husky dogs dressed in ghost costume, sitting on the front porch steps for Halloween house party.
Howling with Halloween spirit 👻🐶🐾

Halloween is fun for humans, and now it can be fun for dogs too! Whether you decide to head out into town to attend a formal event or host one of your own with loved ones, just make sure that your pup has everything that they need to have a good time. Halloween only gets better when we include our dog.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.