Young black woman wearing and holding up the beautiful Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace in Silver from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it. Now you can safely insert the ashes of your beloved into the beautiful keepsake.

Celebrate Your Loved One with Our Capsule Memorial Necklace

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Memories are always with us, but sometimes we want better ways to remember them by.

Loss happens, as much as we often wish that it didn’t. The amount of time that we get to spend with the people that we love is limited, but that can also be a part of the beauty, making every moment special. When we lose someone that we love, we need a way to cherish them and remember them when they are gone. Graves, urns, and memorial sites can give us a way to remember them, but these aren’t your only option. More people are using memorial necklaces to keep their loved ones close. Find out what you can do to keep your loved one next to your heart every single day.

Young woman holding the Gold Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace on her arm from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
A thoughtful keepsake for family and friends.

Introducing the Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace

Customer Quote: The most wonderful keepsake. Written by Kirsten P. Glass Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
The most wonderful keepsake.

Our Capsule Necklace is a classic memorial urn necklace design that is both discreet and simple. Perfect for everyone, no matter what your general style is, this necklace gives you a comfortable way to keep your lost loved one with you every single day.

What is the Capsule Urn Necklace?

Young woman holding up the Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace in Gold to safely store the ashes of a loved one.
I'll carry your love with me.

The capsule memorial urn necklace is a standard capsule-shaped memorial necklace that is easy to fill and comes with a nice and simple chain. Perfect for storing the ashes of your loved one, this necklace is meant to be worn comfortably and allows you to keep your loved one by your side, even if they can’t be there in person. Whether you have lost a relative or a pet, this simple necklace can help you to remember them when you need them with you—even if it is only in spirit.

Can I Have My Memorial Necklace Engraved?

Close up of the Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace in Silver from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.

For Your Beloved


Not sure what to do with your pet's ashes? Our Capsule Urn Necklace is a wonderful way to memorialize your loved ones forever.

This particular memorial urn necklace comes with a free engraving option. We believe that engraving is an excellent way to keep your loved one close in a more personal way. By engraving your necklace, you can add a personalized touch to remind you of just how special that individual is to you.

Engraving your necklace can be a wonderful step toward making it more personal for you. You can add the loved one’s birthday, the date of their passing, or even a nickname or special phrase. This is a great opportunity to dig deep and find what will be meaningful for you.

Is the Capsule Necklace Water-Resistant?

Carrying around the ashes of a loved one can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are worried about what might happen to them. To ensure that your loved one’s ashes stay safe, this memorial necklace has been designed to be completely water-resistant. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything inside of the capsule being damaged if you find yourself out in a rainstorm.

Does this Necklace contain Nickel?

Many people learn at a young age that nickel can come with quite a few complications when we expose our skin to it. Itchiness, discoloration, and other issues can arise. Since this necklace is designed for daily wear, we knew that there was no way that nickel was going to be an option. This memorial necklace is completely nickel-free for your comfort and convenience.

Is it Hypoallergenic?

Young woman wearing the Sunflower Memorial Bracelet and holding up the Silver Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Memorialize your loved one.

Made using stainless steel, this hypoallergenic necklace is easy to use, even for those who are allergic to common metals. The simple design and allergy-free materials make it a great choice for anyone who has sensitive skin or just worries about other kinds of metals rubbing against their skin. Since it is hypoallergenic, it is perfect for anyone who wants to wear it.

What Colors Does the Necklace Come in?

Capsule Memorial Urn Neckalce avaialble in Silver, Cobalt, Gold and Onyx from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Available in Silver, Cobalt, Gold and Onyx.

Even though the base model of the capsule memorial urn necklace is completely neutral, we recognize that everyone has their own preferences. For this reason, we have made this necklace available in four different metallic finishes in order to suit your personal style and preferences.

The standard version of this necklace is silver. However, it is also available in onyx, which offers a dark metallic shade. For those who want something a little more vibrant, the gold and cobalt options can add a little splash of color that will stand out while still looking simple and classy. Even in the more vibrant options, it is still a subtle way for you to keep your loved one close.

Caring for My Memorial Necklace

Woman wearing a white top, holding onto her necklace.
Hold onto the memories.

Taking care of your necklace is probably going to be a key concern for you. To keep your necklace safe, it is best to follow a few best practices for wear. These necklaces should never be worn during intense physical activities or during an event where you will be exposed to a lot of water. Keeping your necklace safe means wearing it with discretion and keeping it somewhere secure when you are not planning on wearing it.

The Beauty of Memorial Necklaces

Personalized cremation and memorial jewelry from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Cherish pets who've crossed over the rainbow bridge 🌈 with our cremation jewelry.

Memorial necklaces are becoming more popular with time, and more people are seeing them as a tasteful tribute to a loved one. These necklaces are so special and mean so much to us, with many people choosing to preserve them forever with the intention of passing them down. There is so much that these necklaces can offer you. Let’s explore why people appreciate them so much.

Young couple wearing the beautiful Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace in Onyx and Silver from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
When something is special, you treasure it!

People wear memorial necklaces to always keep their loved ones with them. These necklaces are designed to hold something special from that loved one, and many see it as a way to keep them right next to their heart. While many families still opt for a standard urn, a small number of ashes can be added to necklaces in order to allow loved ones to carry each other with them when they want to.

What Can I Put Inside a Capsule Necklace?

Beautiful black woman wearing the Silver Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
It's nice to know you're still here with me.

Though memorial necklaces are often used to hold ashes, that isn’t the only purpose that they serve. Personalized cremation jewelry can be beneficial for some more than others. Not everyone who is paying tribute to a loved one will want to do so with ashes—and sometimes that isn’t an option. Fortunately, memorial necklaces can hold many different items.

Second to ashes, it can be very common to put pieces of hair or fur inside of a memorial necklace. More people are choosing this option to keep the individual close without necessarily changing everything about them. Not everyone is comfortable with wearing ashes, so hair or fur can be a more pleasant alternative.

Beyond biological matter, some people simply choose to keep something else special—like a note or quote. A memorial necklace is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone, and that looks different for each of us. As long as it fits in the necklace and reminds you of someone special, it will always have a place inside of your memorial necklace.

Will Everyone Know it is a Memorial Necklace?

Even though memorial necklaces are becoming more popular, that doesn’t mean that they are easy to spot. In fact, memorial necklaces are available in all shapes and sizes, so most of them really aren’t easy to recognize at all. Chances are that unless you are planning on telling someone what the necklace is for, they will not automatically assume what it is. This particular design is simple and basic, offering a discreet way to keep your loved one with you.

Are Memorial Necklaces Meant to be Worn?

Memorial necklaces are designed for wear, but that doesn’t mean that you must wear them if you have one. It is completely understandable that you might not want to always keep something so precious on you. Some people prefer to leave their necklaces in a special place. Whether you choose to frame it or just keep it protected in a safe, memorial necklaces are just meant to be a special memorial option for you, regardless of how you use them.

Though you don’t need to wear a memorial necklace, you absolutely can. These necklaces are perfect for everyday wear, allowing you to really stay close to that special someone no matter what you face. Many people find that being able to touch or squeeze their necklace during difficult times can be comforting. How you use your necklace is entirely up to you, and no one should ever question your decision.

How Do I Fill My Memorial Necklace?

Step by step instructions on how to fill the Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry boutique they made me wear it.
Carry your loved one with you always.

Adding your chosen material to your memorial necklace is a point of concern for a lot of people—but please don’t worry. Our memorial necklaces are designed to make them very easy to fill. We provide clear instructions and tools that are designed to offer a comfortable experience that is easy to approach.

We always suggest that you be patient and understanding of your own emotions during this process. It can also help to connect with another loved one who can support you through the process if you believe that it will help. The instructions are easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean that this process is all that simple for you emotionally.

Choosing Your Memorial Necklace

Young woman holding onto the beautiful Capsule Memorial Urn Necklace in gold from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Honor their memory.

Finding a memorial necklace that feels special to you is a really important thing to do. You always want to be sure that you pick a necklace that feels special and reminds you of that person, even if it is just a simple design. Some people prefer a themed memorial necklace while others prefer something simple, like this capsule memorial necklace. Being able to find one that feels right and that you are comfortable with is important to ensure that you feel good about it over the long run.

Is a Memorial Necklace Right for Me?

Since they were first introduced, people weren’t quite sure about memorial necklaces. These necklaces can provide you with a different kind of peace whether you choose to wear them or not. While visiting a grave can be a powerful experience, it can be difficult when you don’t live in the state or the home of the individual anymore. Keepsake jewelry is a great alternative. As long as you are comfortable with owning one of these necklaces, they can be very special.

Are Memorial Necklaces Common?

Using keepsake jewelry to hold ashes and other materials are definitely becoming a more common practice. Many families are using this to ensure that everyone has a way to keep a loved one close. They are one of the more common ways to keep people near your heart in modern times. In fact, many places offer them as a standard option when you partner with a funeral home following the passing of a loved one.

Understanding My Needs on How to Mourn

For your memorial necklace to be as special as it deserves to be, you need to consider your own needs. There is no one in the world who can tell you what the right way to mourn is. Some people wear their necklaces every day, others don’t wear them at all. A lot of people wear them when they really want to feel close to the person or when they are really missing them.

Using a vial necklace like this can help you to safely preserve a memory of your loved one, even if you just write down their favorite quote. What matters here is honoring your personal preferences when it comes to remembering your loved one. Never let anyone tell you what is right or wrong. It is something only you can decide on your own, and don’t be surprised if what feels right changes for you.

The Takeaway

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Memorial necklaces offer you a personal and discreet way to keep them with you, on good days and bad. Whether you wear your necklace daily or just on days when you are missing your loved one a little extra, it is always nice to have the option. Your memorial necklace is your way of remembering that special someone and all the loving memories that you shared. Choose an option that feels right for you and honor your loved one in any way that is true to who you are.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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