Adorable cat staring and reflecting. This International Cat Day, be sure to create some time to connect with your own furry friends as well as be an advocate for the well-being and safety for all cats.

Happy International Cat Day

Calling all Cat Owners and Lovers to the Stand on August 8th

When it comes to celebrating pets, man’s best friend is often referred to as the dog. Thus, sometimes leaving cat owners out there feeling a little bit left out. However, we cat lovers are fully aware of the fact that cats are some of the coolest creatures on the planet, and yes, I do mean this to be taken figuratively as well as literally.

Cats are calm and nonchalant animals that are often thought of as being unemotional or even cold. However, cat lovers around the world know for a fact that this is not the case when it comes to our furry friends. Cats are some of the most loving, caring, and cuddly creatures to have by your side, even if they act too cool to care sometimes, but we know not to take it personally!

Two friendly cats purring right next to each other outside.
How are you celebrating International Cat Day?

So, with International Cat Day just around the corner – calling all cat owners and lovers in the world to the stand on August 8th – let’s go ahead and dive into a few ways we can all celebrate these fur balls that were once also worshiped as gods!

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that we are not trying to pit cats and dogs against each other. Both of these pets are lovable and unique in their own way. In fact, many cat lovers are dog owners as well and it is important to recognize the relationship between our two furry friends.

Many cats and dogs have a unique relationship with another, and more often than not, cats and dogs do actually get along. It is, however, important to note that many cats and dogs do play a little bit differently with one another. Cats also require a different type of care and bonding session from their owners as opposed to dogs. This is why we would also like to highlight the differences, and similarities, between cats and dogs as well as how they can live together in harmony in your home.

All About Cats and Dogs, Similarities and Differences!

Adorable beagle and cat lying down together outdoor in the park.
Everything is better with two

Let’s talk about some facts about cats and dogs! Both cats and dogs are unique and loving animals in their own special way. There is absolutely no way to pit one animal against the other as they are entirely different, unless of course, you have a special animal on your hands. While some will say there is no way dogs and cats living together will work out, that is simply not true! After all, there are a few cat breeds that behave very similarly to certain dogs; however, we will get into this topic a little bit further into this discussion.

Differences in Behaviors and Playtime

Dog playing with cat outside in nature. Big happy smiles.
My new hobby is annoying you.

The first item that is worth addressing when it comes to the differences between cats and dogs, as well as their ability to get along within a household, is the overall general behavior and different ways of playing between the two animals. Dogs, for example, are known to be more active and playful during daytime hours. As a result, to this, many dog owners are known to be more active as they need to be able to take their beloved pet on their daily walks. Evidence has shown that more dog owners have been known to pick up hobbies such as hiking and running as both are great opportunities to take your dog out with you and get in their much-needed exercise and playtime for the day.

Now, this does not mean that cat owners do not also love doing these exact same hobbies as well. However, as we all know, it is much more difficult to take your cat on a hike with you than it is to take your very energized puppy. This does not have to be seen as a negative, because as mentioned in the above statement, dogs and cats enjoy spending their time differently. Therefore, if you have found yourself to be an owner of both a cat and a dog, you know how to perfectly split up your day with activities to make each one of your beloved furry creatures happy and healthy!

Adorable dogs and cats playing together inside the house.
Nothing but love here.

With that being said, we know that dogs love to be taken out for their daily walks as they enjoy being active. How do cats differ from this? Cats are known for their famous “cat naps”, This usually means you will find your kitty curled up on the couch or in your bed for most of the day, again, this does depend on what type of cat you have as well. However, cats love their playtime as well. While they may not love going on a walk with you, though of course you may try, cats prefer to play with their designated cat toys. Cats specifically love toys that dangle or toys that allow them to run after them, after all, cats are natural born hunters and need to exercise this trait.

Cute cat enjoying a scratch on the head.

Cats also love to scratch, as I am sure all cat owners are aware of. Though we may have all given our cats their own designated scratch post, you may still actively find them scratching your couch or your cloth dresser, yes these exist and they are beautiful when they are not being torn apart. Despite what some people may believe, cats are not typically scratching your furniture to misbehave. More often than not, cats are simply looking to be stimulated. Therefore, if you have not been giving your kitty the proper attention or playtime, studies show that cats need at least 15 to 30 minutes of playtime every single day, they will look for other ways to stimulate themselves. So, what is the solution to keeping your kitties from scratching your expensive furniture? The answer is simple, be sure to give them plenty of love and affection throughout the day and play with them as needed. It also would not hurt to give your kitties an extra scratch post or two, trust me, they cannot get enough of those things.

Differences in Affection and Bonding

Adorable ginger cat in the arms of his owner.
A little squeeze is all I need.

It is important to note that both cats and dogs have the ability to form meaningful relationships with their owners. However, dogs are known to show more affection that certain cats. We all love the feeling of coming home from a long day of work and having our dogs run up and greet us with an affectionate lick. Then, when it comes to bed time, dogs typically like to sleep in their own corner, even if it is the corner of your bed.

Cats on the other hand do not always greet you at your door, though some may surprise you. Cats do love being affectionate when it comes to nap time. They typically like to cozy up next to their owners and purr themselves to sleep. Other ways kitties tend to show affection are through head-butting as well as intense eye contact. Yes, it is true that cats are more affectionate than many people may even realize.

Differences in Diet Between Cats and Dogs

Little white maltese and black and white cat eating natural and organic food from their lime green pet bowls.
Chow time is happy time.

Another important factor when it comes to the differences between cats and dogs are the differences in their diet. Dogs are known to be semi-carnivores whereas cats need animal-based ingredients in their food to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Cats need muscle and organ meat to essentially survive. Cats also require specially formulated food with essential fatty acids in order to produce a healthy inflammatory response to the body. Dogs on the other hand, are known to be able to adapt much easier to their circumstances as needed.

Health Benefits to Owning a Cat and Dog

Woman wearing a striped shirt holding adorable ginger cat.
I will love you always.

To end the list of differences between cats and dogs, let’s quickly talk about the different health benefits when it comes to owning a cat and a dog. It is absolutely no secret that owning a pet can reduce stress as well as bring in positive emotional support to the owners. In fact, there are so many registered emotional support animals due to their proven ability to help humans emotionally as well as physically!

Some of these health benefits also include: decreased feelings of loneliness, increased opportunities for exercise as well as outdoor activities, decreased cholesterol levels, and increased opportunities to socialize. These benefits come from owning any kind of animal, whether it be a cat or a dog. Both are extremely lovable pets that are known and proven to help with these health factors and many more! Therefore, be sure to give your kitty some extra love this coming international cat day, they truly deserve it for all of the love and support they give back to us!

How to have a Happy Cat Day!

Adorable kitty kats laying down together reflecting on their day.
Finally, a day just for us!

Baking Tips on Celebrating Your Cat This International Cat Day

Adorable cat looking at cream in a bowl.
Ooooh is that for me?

Now that we have properly recognized the unique differences between cats and dogs for all animal lovers out there, we can officially get back to celebrating our special kitties on August 8th. What better way to show some much-needed love and appreciation for your kitty than with a special gift made — or baked — just for them? Celebrate your cat this coming International Cat Day by baking some tuna cookies for them!

Check out this delicious homemade cat treats recipe from The Cookie Rookie. It features only 3 all-natural ingredients: salmon, egg and flour so you'll know exactly what's in them. As previously mentioned, cats need their nutrition, so why not give them an extra treat this way?

Gadgets to Celebrate Your Cat This International Cat Day

Green Eyed Cat looking away from the camera.
Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you?

It would also be a great idea to invest in your kitties’ safety with a GPS tracker. This is especially important if you have a cat that is both indoors and outdoors. While outdoors, cats tend to wander off, and, though they do have a great sense of direction, can still get lost or wonder into an unknown area. Therefore, if you gift them with a tracker, you will never have to worry about where your cat may have wandered off to.

Adopt a Cat This International Cat Day

Hipster woman stroking a cat lying in the middle of a village road.
Help a cat find their forever home.

Perhaps you are not yet a cat owner but would love to be. Celebrate International Cat Day this year by adopting your very own cat at a local shelter. Or, if you are still not sure you are ready to make the commitment, start by volunteering at your local animal shelter and build on your feelings as you go. While at the animal shelter, you can offer to play with the cats, clean cages and litter boxes and feed them as needed. This will help you build a bond with the animals and may even help you decide which cat you would be willing to adopt in the near future.

Honor a Beloved Cat This International Cat Day

On the other hand, perhaps you were a cat owner at some point but have recently lost your beloved pet, or you may know of someone who is going through this difficult time as well. Why not help celebrate international cat day with a special gift for yourself, or those who have also lost their kitty?

Black woman holding up the beautiful silver Lovely Cat Memorial Locket from online boutique they made me wear it.

Beautifully Designed

Lovely Cat Memorial Locket

Our cremation jewelry makes the perfect gift to cherish pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge 🌈 by safely storing a small amount of their ashes.

This beautiful, meaningful keepsake jewelry necklace would make the perfect gift to those who may be grieving on this International Cat Day. As we all know, saying goodbye to a loved one, even our pets, is never going to be easy. So why not have something special to remind you of your beloved pet? Memorial lockets are a great way to keep your furever pet close to your heart on this happy cat day and many more to come.

In Conclusion

Lovely cat sitting in the grass during a beautiful sunset.

To sum up, whether or not you are celebrating your own fury friend this International Cat Day or if you simply want to show love to fellow cat lovers or shelters near you, there are plenty of ways to show your love and support. A personalized keepsake necklace can be a great gift to celebrate your own cat, or for someone else in the market for a unique and thoughtful gift.

After all, International Cat Day was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in order to help raise this awareness and assist with keeping cats as safe and protected as possible. So, this International Cat Day, be sure to create some time to connect with your own furry friends as well as be an advocate for the well-being and safety for all cats, whether this be locally or worldwide. If it is possible, offer your assistance and support to animal shelters this day and celebrate your love for cats and dogs alike.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.