Adorable Yorkshire Terrier wearing a knitted dog sweater for the winter holiday season.

It’s Time for Sweater Weather

What You Need to Know for Your Doggo

By now, most of us are well in the groove of the fall season—and some of us are pretty excited about the cool weather too! There are plenty of reasons to enjoy the brisk air and chilly nights, but one of the biggest reasons that fall and winter are loved by so many is the opportunity for some truly warm and cozy outfits. Humans love them, and your favorite doggo just might love them too! In this article, we will explore how to keep your pup comfortable and warm through the colder months of the year.

Adorable pug wearing the beautiful Patriotic Dog Turtleneck from online doggy boutique they made me wear it.
@pugdashians always rocking the latest style!

What Does Sweater Weather Mean?

Cute long-hair chihuahua wearing holiday dog turtleneck.
It takes time to look this good.

Sweater weather is a common slang term that is used to describe the period of time when the seasons bring in colder weather. Since most of us don’t like to be cold, we tend to change how we dress for these cooler months—and with good reason. Fall and winter are known to come with some serious temperature drops depending on where you live, so shorts and tank tops will not do. When that happens, it is time to start bundling up!

Does My Dog Need Clothes?

Dog mom putting on a red jacket to keep her adorable Brussels Griffon warm during the winter holiday season.
Fashion is not just a way of life, it's a statement.

The topic of dogs wearing clothes is something that has been somewhat controversial throughout the ages. Some people believe that since dogs have evolved without clothing and a lot of them have fur, that there is no real reason for clothes. This is actually not the case. Plenty of dogs can benefit from wearing clothes, particularly during these cold months. It is true that your dog might not need clothes, but one look at our shop will tell you exactly how we feel: doggy clothes are fun, fashionable, and they can offer protection too!

The Benefits of Clothes for Doggos

Adorable chihuahuas wearing dog jackets to keep dry and warm during the winter holiday season.
Keeping warm and staying cute.

Every pup is a little different, and us pawrents know that. Not only do dogs have their own personalities, habits, and interests—but their bodies can all be different too! Some aspects of our pups can come from their genetics, but most of us know by now that our homes and personalities can influence theirs too. Some doggos might not be on board with clothes, but a lot of them are, and with good reason. Clothes can offer several benefits for pups during this time of the year.

Protection Against the Cold

Adorable fluffy poodle wearing the Gold Metallic Bubble Dog Jacket from online doggy boutique they made me wear it.
So soft and snuggly, this jacket radiates warmth.

One of the biggest shared benefits for both humans and doggos when it comes to winter clothes is the obvious protection against the cold. While some dogs are well-suited for the cold, a lot of breeds are not—and this can be very dangerous for your doggo. Dog sweaters can offer protection, so your dog is safe and comfortable when you go for walks on a cool afternoon during those autumn months.

Just like humans, dogs can experience a variety of uncomfortable and dangerous responses to low temperatures, particularly in places where it gets very cold. Certain parts of California might keep a pup warm year-round, but that isn’t the case everywhere. In colder states, the temperature can drop dangerously low, putting your pup at risk, even if they are only out for a few minutes.

English bulldog wearing the Trendy Reflective Dog Rain Jacket from online doggy boutique they made me wear it.
This is the perfect raincoat and high-quality windbreaker.

Dogs that are small or that don’t have thick fur are at an even higher risk. Small dog clothes can do so much to keep them comfortable and happy when that temperature starts dropping. Hypothermia can strike within a few short minutes for a small dog, particularly if they have to traverse the snow. Instead of focusing on rushing your dog in and out when they go potty, having them wear clothing can make it much safer for them to be outside while they do their business. Some dogs are so happy in their winter clothes that they learn to love to play out in the snow!

When your dog is cold, you will likely be able to tell from some of the more obvious signs like shivering or limping. Shivering is a clear indication of cold and stress, so if you see your dog shivering outside, it is very important to get them inside and warmed up. Even dogs that have thick fur can still experience painfully cold paws, so consider looking for matching booties to go with their winter outfit if you see them limping.

Keeping Fur Dry

Adorable french bulldog wearing the Teddy Bear Dog Raincoat from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Not a fan of the rain but I'm loving this raincoat!

The average person does not like to be stuck out in the rain, sleet, or snow, and dogs generally aren’t any different. In the same way that you might reach for an umbrella or raincoat to protect your face and hair, dogs will often try to find coverage when faced with uncomfortable wetness while they are outside. Even dogs that love swimming can become frustrated with the rain, particularly when it is cold out.

Raincoats are becoming a popular doggy accessory now that more pawrents are beginning to worry about their doggo’s comfort. Remember, a wet dog is at a much higher risk of hypothermia—and wet fur isn’t comfortable either! A raincoat can keep your pet’s fur dry so they can stay relaxed, even when the rain or snow is really coming down. With a raincoat, you and your doggo can enjoy a lovely little stroll in the rain without any discomfort!

Protection for Your Dog’s Skin

Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix, sporting the Anti-UV Sun Protection Dog Hoodie from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
This hoodie shield your pup's skin against the harsh sun.

There are plenty of great benefits to wearing clothes, but for some dogs, there is a special perk: protection for their skin. Dogs with certain skin conditions can actually benefit quite a bit from wearing clothing because it helps to protect them when they are have sensitivity.

Itchy dogs are known to chew and scratch, exacerbating their condition for the worse. Pawrents with itchy dogs know the agony of seeing their poor doggo chew their skin up because they can’t escape the itch—and while it is very important to seek a form of treatment from your vet, clothes can help by providing a physical barrier between them and their skin. For dogs that are sensitive to the elements, clothing can also offer protection against pollen, rain, snow, and more. Doggos that have just experienced surgery can also benefit from an article of clothing to block them from reaching the area as it heals.

Deciding Whether or Not Clothes are Right for Your Dog

Golden retriever wearing a bright yellow poncho to protect fur against wet and cold weather.
Even big dogs need protecting too!

We love dogs in cute outfits more than just about anything (can you blame us?), but we also know that clothes are not for every dog. Before you put your precious pup in an outfit, it might not be a bad idea to talk to their vet, particularly if they have any medical conditions.

Of course, once you are given the go-ahead from medical, you still might not be in the clear. It can be best to start with simple items to test just how comfortable your doggo is in their new clothes, and if they don’t look comfortable, it is likely in your best interest to check out a cute collar instead. Putting dogs in outfits can be fun, but if your dog is clearly distressed by the outfit, it’s a big no-no. Some pups just love the all-natural look, and we respect that too!

Adorable Fall and Winter Outfits Your Pup Will Love

Knowing all of the benefits that dog clothes can bring for your pal this season, you probably want to find the perfect look for them. Fortunately, we are here to help. Read on to learn more about the outfits that we most recommend for dogs during the cold months. Spoiler alert: they are adorable!

Button Me Up Dog Sweater

Willow, Bichon, Maltese and Havanese mix and Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix, wearing the warm & cozy Button Me Up Dog Sweater from online doggy boutique they made me wear it.

Soft and Lightweight


Looking for calm, classy, and a hint of Lassie? Our Button Me Up dog sweater is just what the dog-ter ordered!

This adorable knit sweater will have your dog looking ready to take on the role of Chief of Cuteness in absolutely no time at all! A cotton design with velvet lining makes this one of the comfiest doggy sweaters on the market, and it’s even machine washable.

This no-nonsense look is available in three colors, and it was made specifically for doggos who want a little extra warmth around the core. Perfect for chilly walks on a fall evening, this breathtakingly cute design will attract attention from just about anyone, but don’t be surprised if your pup starts acting sassier than the head of your local university. This sweater comes with a little extra warmth and a huge confidence boost—even for small dogs!

Preppy Cable-Knit Dog Cardigan

Beautiful Papillon and Maltese mix wearing the Charcoal Preppy Cable-Knit Dog Cardigan from online doggy boutique shop they made me wear it.

Classic V-Neck Style


There are few things that we love more than Bruiser Woods looking utterly fabulous for his debut at Harvard, but you can’t argue this cardigan is the perfect college look for a pup who wants to embrace that perfect preppy style! People will absolutely swoon over dogs of all sizes wearing this ensemble, and it is pretty easy to see why.

Available in two delightfully classy colors, this is a great way to show everyone your small dog’s big personality. Able to be worn alone or layered with something underneath, this is a fashionable way to bring more to any doggo’s wardrobe. Soft, warm, and perfect for snuggling, this precious outfit was made for dogs that mean business, even if it’s just them doing their business outside!

Heartbeat Dog Sweater

English Bulldog puppy wearing the adorable Heartbeat Dog Sweater from online doggy boutique they made me wear it.

Fun and Fashionable


Let’s be honest, no one does love quite like a doggo. Our pups are bonafide love bugs through and through, and sometimes you just want to share that with the world. Whether you want to bring a smile to a stranger’s face or just want to help curb your pup’s RGF (resting grrr face), this sweater is guaranteed to do the job.

Our Heartbeat Dog Sweater is fitted with a simple and adorable design with a stylish pop of glam thanks to the cute heart design. Everything about this sweater says I am doggo, and I love you. It was made to remind everyone that our dogs wear their heart on their sleeves (or kind of close to their butts, but you get it).

This sweater offers a lightweight design that is perfect for fall in areas where it isn’t all that cold yet. Comfortable and breathable, it offers a little added warmth without going too over the top. Doggos love it because it helps them to show off their style without overheating, even if they have a little extra fur!

Nautical Dog Raincoat

French Bulldog wearing Nautical Dog Raincoat from online doggy boutique shop they made me wear it.

Keep Dry and Stylish


It’s a bird, it’s a plane—no, it’s a nautical dog! Perfect for pups who want to feel that sweet sea breeze in their furry little faces, this raincoat offers the best of both fashion and function. With its adorable traditional design and complete puppy protection, this is one look that keeps dogs dry and happy.

Designed after the classic fisherman raincoats that are still being used today, this coat was made from scratch to keep your pup warm. It covers their backs and arms, but with the hood, you can also keep those ears dry, which is helpful for dogs that are prone to ear infections.

Made specifically for braving the elements, this design makes it easy for your pup to keep that tail wagging, even when a storm is definitely coming. As a bonus, its bright yellow design makes it easy for you to spot your pup from a distance, even when the sky is gloomy and doomy. This is one way to keep your pup nice and dry—because not every dog wants to be a soggy doggy!

The Takeaway

Adorable Shiba Inu wearing the Nautical Dog Raincoat from online dog clothing store they made me wear it.
Designed for the great outdoors!

There are countless reasons that you might want your pup to wear a cute outfit, and we fully support all of them. Whether you want to keep your pup safe and dry, or you just want them to look even cuter than usual, the right outfit is a must for making it work. Our outfits are made using dog-friendly materials that were created specifically to keep your pup comfortable while they bask in the glow of their own cuteness every time you head out.

For the best experience with clothes, we highly recommend taking the time to ensure that your pup is wearing the right size. This is important for pet comfort, but it is also important to ensure that the clothes can serve their intended purpose. If you aren’t sure, check out our guide on how to measure your dog!

Until next time, thank you for reading!

About the author: Gabrielle is the loving pawrent to adorable pups Willow and Dilla. Growing up surrounded by dogs, she always dreamt of having her own. Willow and Dilla came into her life and changed everything. Now, she's crazy about pampered pooches, and her perfect day involves dancing with her husband, dressing up her furbabies, and cuddling them to sleep. For Gabrielle, life is all about spreading love and joy with her adorable canine companions by her side.