Willow, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix and Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix modeling Jax & Molly's PJs.

Quarantining in our Jax & Molly's Jammies

Interview with Popular Etsy Doggy Boutique Jax & Molly's

A LOT has happened to my family (and many others) since spring when I starting sharing my life with you. I'll spare you the less interesting details but just know: my sister Willow, our amazing pawrents and my closest furfriends are healthy and making the best out of a bad situation. However, the California Coronavirus Lockdown does mean shorter walks for Willow and me. Hey not to worry. You'll never hear me complaining because where I lack in walks, I more than make up for in naps ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜œ.

Staying at home comes with a few perks. I've been able to clock some serious rug time watching awesome YouTube videos, like how to stay active (which I have no desire to do because helloooo... someone has to perfect that art of chillaxing) or how to annoy pawrents while they exercise. Funny Dog Bailey is my favorite and he's pretty awesome at making make me bark out loud.

What's been most exciting is not only the plentiful doggy treats or extra attention in the form of belly rubs, my wardrobe has expanded. My mom is spoiling my sister and me. I know she's obsessed with dressing us up, but part of me wonders if she feels bad we aren't able to see our neighborhood friends as often or maybe she is sad we cannot play at the dog park.

Besides my cool Kobe Jersey, from one of the greatest Lakers of all time, I've fallen in love with my new pajamas from Jax and Molly's. If you remember, jammies are my favorite type of clothing because they keep me comfy and tucked in at night, ensuring I always get my full 12+ hours of sleep.

Willow, Bichon Frise, Maltese and Havanese mix and Dilla, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier Mix modeling Jax & Molly's PJs
Willow and me modeling Jax & Molly's PJs.

Speaking of comfy pajamas, we had a chance to catch up with Tair & Osnat, mother & daughter team and vision behind Jax and Molly's, high-quality and lively dog clothes. What I find so unique about their style is how they highlight fun-loving doggos who receive unfair discrimination and make them look so fashionable and sophisticated. But don't just take my word for it! Check out their distinctive styles and see for yourself.

American Staffordshire Terrier wearing Jax & Molly's dog pajamas.
Photo credit: Jax and Molly's

Ready to learn more about Jax and Molly's brand and adorable doggy clothes?

Here's our full interview:

The designs you create are amazing. What inspires you and your style?

The inspiration behind Jax & Mollyโ€™s is to establish a doggie clothing line which is suitable for a wide variety of dogs. To do so, is no easy task. As doggie designers, we have had many long nights of discussions and research to achieve items that reach our satisfaction. We take into great consideration the comfort and mobility a dog will have in our clothing, that there will be no interferences with potty time, and of course to provide the adequate coverage to the areas on their body most vulnerable in the cold, while also providing breathable fabrics in the spring and summer.

What's your favorite part of designing fashionable clothes for dogs?

Our favorite part is the joy our clothing brings to our clients. Nothing is more gratifying than positive feedback. Each photo of a pup wearing our clothing, makes every day a little brighter!

It's hard to find dog clothes and accessories for large dogs. Are there any challenges to designing clothes for large dogs versus small dogs?

Whether we are designing an outfit for a tiny t-cup Chihuahua, or a large Great Dane, each design is filled with its own share of challenges. Dogs, like humans, come in many shapes and sizes. So, starting with our own dogโ€™s measurements and followed by excellent feedback from our clients, we have created a size chart which is cable of satisfying a large variety of dogs. We are a work in progress, and because communication with our clients and brand ambassadors is so important, we can further improve our designs.

Your dog clothes are so comfy and fun. What's your favorite product?

Ooh, that is a tough question. Itโ€™s like asking a child what their favorite candy in the candy store is. Weโ€™d say we love all our designs and stand behind each of our products.

What inspired you to start your business? Is there a story behind the name of the company, Jax & Molly?

The establishment of the Jax & Molly's Boutique came after the adoption of our adorable fur-babies, Jax and Molly. It was the middle of winter, and they needed great outerwear for our daily walks. It wasn't until then, that we realized how hard suitable dog clothing was to come by. Our passion, and knowledge of fashion, inspired us to create handmade (by us) dog clothing that was durable, fit well, and allowed for great mobility, all at an affordable price.

What advice would you give to other dog fashion designers?

To design great clothing, you must be an animal lover. Please put the comfort of those animals first, and the rest will follow.

Anything else you would like us to know about your brand?

Our brand is the result of continuous dedication and hard work. We are constantly perfecting our patterns and our dedicated communication with our clientele, has helped us to continue to do so. Our clients and brand ambassadors have become so much more to us than just clients, they have become our dearest friends. At Jax & Mollyโ€™s Boutique for Pups, our dream is to dress Americaโ€™s four-legged furry best friends!

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Ooooh time for treats... Dilla out!

About the author: Willow, a Bichon Frise mix with eyes thatโ€™ll melt your heart is a daddyโ€™s girl. She is also the first in line to go walking, first to get food, first for kisses and cuddles. Whatever it is, Willow likes to be FIRST. She spent most of her life living in shelters so things haven't always been easy. But now, she gets to write about dog fashion, her new family and cool lil brother Dilla. Cool as a cucumber and named after the late amazing record producer J Dilla, Dilla is a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix. Admittedly, he hasn't always been a fan of dressing up, but Dilla has come to dig only dog clothes that are comfortable and functional. Hoodies and sweaters are his favorite! Join these two as they help pups unleash their fashionable side.