Young woman holding up the beautiful Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace in Gold from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it. Now you can safely insert the ashes of your beloved into the beautiful keepsake.

Steampunk Memorial Necklace

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Our new memorial necklace allows you to keep a loved one close while embracing a style that feels right for you.

When we lose someone special to us, it is a different experience for each of us. Inevitably, we will find ourselves looking for ways to keep that person close—something to remember them by. We can go about this in different ways, but sometimes it can be nice to have a single token to keep close, and this is why memorial necklaces are so common. Offering a chance to safely preserve a memory of your loved one, keepsake jewelry can be a very meaningful investment.

We know that coping with loss can feel impossible, so we try to give our customers a way to mourn that feels more personal. Our steampunk memorial necklace is perfect for anyone who wants a touch of steampunk style that has an even more beautiful meaning behind it.

Young woman wearing the Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace in Gold to safely store the ashes of a loved one from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Carry your spirit with my always.

Introducing Our Steampunk Memorial Necklace

Beautiful black woman wearing and holding onto the Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace in Rose Gold from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it. Now you can safely insert the ashes of your beloved into the beautiful keepsake.
Cherish the life of your loved one.

Our Steampunk Memorial Necklace is a necklace that has been designed to offer a subtle and fashionable accessory while also allowing you to celebrate the life of a loved one. Available in both gold and rose gold, this delicate necklace has an understated look that looks perfect with almost any outfit, making it easy for you to wear it every single day.

With optional free engraving, this necklace can be customized to provide an even more personal touch. Personalized cremation jewelry allows you to add a special message to the piece. You can carry your loved one next to your heart, and no one will ever know unless you tell them. This wearable urn can hold the ashes of a loved one, or any other small trinket that might remind you of them. How you wear and use this necklace is up to you, and there is no indication that it is a memorial necklace at all, allowing you more privacy while you mourn.

Memorial Necklaces: What You Need to Know

Young woman holding up the beautiful Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace in Gold from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it. Now you can safely insert the ashes of your beloved into the beautiful keepsake.
A wonderful keepsake gift for family and friends.

Memorial necklaces are one of the more common examples of bereavement jewelry, and more people are choosing this option to keep loved ones with them after their passing. Available in all different shapes, sizes, and styles, a memorial necklace can allow you to pay tribute to someone that you loved very deeply, giving you a quiet and personal way to mourn and remember.

What is a Memorial Necklace?

Steampunk Memorial Urn Neckalce in Gold and Rose Gold from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
Safely insert ashes of your beloved into the pendant to memorialize your loved one.

A memorial necklace is a necklace that is designed to be used in remembrance of a loved one. They offer a personal and discreet way to keep them with you, with many of them offering a space to store your loved one’s ashes. Able to help you always keep a piece of your loved one with you, these necklaces are perfect for the quietly sentimental.

What Makes a Memorial Necklaces Right for Me?

Young woman in a stiped sweater, wearing the Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.

Beautiful & Intricate


Our Steampunk Necklace is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel & gold vermeil, creating a unique keepsake.

Choosing a memorial necklace is a deeply personal process, just like selecting an urn. In many ways, they are the same process. There is no right or wrong way to decide if a memorial necklace is or is not right for you. It is a decision that we all must make for ourselves. For some, it is a deeply personal way to connect to a lost loved one. For others, it just isn’t the right fit.

Before you decide whether you want a memorial necklace, be aware of your options. Though memorial necklaces are often designed to hold ashes, they do not need to be used in this capacity. In reality, you can engrave them with a special sentiment or choose to fill them with a small note or something special instead. It is your choice how you will use the necklace, but you should always use it in a way that helps you to remember the person that you have lost, even if the necklace is a simple standalone reminder itself.

When is it Right to Buy a Memorial Necklace?

Woman outside on a beautiful and bright summer day wearing the Rose Gold Steampunk Memorial Urn Necklace from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it.
A treasured memory, the best gift of all.

Finding the right time to buy a memorial necklace really comes down to intent. If you plan to buy the necklace for yourself, ask yourself what your goal is. Some people choose to buy a necklace in advance if they are expecting a loss, ensuring that they can keep their loved one close sooner rather than later. Others purchase their necklace after the passing of a loved one as they process their grief.

Though you can certainly buy yourself a memorial necklace, that isn’t the only right way to make this purchase. A lot of people purchase memorial necklaces as a gift for someone special, and it can be a very sweet gesture if you know someone who is currently struggling with a loss. A small token like this can mean a lot during a very difficult time in someone’s life.

Does it Matter What Style I Get?

Personalized cremation and memorial jewelry from online keepsake jewelry shop they made me wear it
Cherish pets who've crossed over the rainbow bridge 🌈 with our cremation jewelry.

All around the world, people react to loss and grief differently. Some people host quiet family gatherings, others celebrate the individual’s life with singing, dancing, and music. We believe that this tells us something obvious—there is no right or wrong way to mourn the loss of a loved one.

It is true that some people prefer cremation jewelry that is more traditional or reserved. Others, however, find themselves feeling like it just doesn’t do the lost loved one justice—or it might not feel right for you. Grieving is a difficult process, and it is something that you should be able to do in a way that feels comfortable for you.

We encourage everyone to select a style of keepsake jewelry that feels right for them, regardless of the reason. You deserve to decide how you want to remember that person and what you want that to look like. If that means a cool steampunk urn, great. If it means something more traditional, like a cross, that’s fine too. Choose what feels right for you.

Preserving Your Memorial Necklace

Woman wearing a white top, holding onto her necklace.
Cherish your precious memories.

Given the importance of a memorial necklace, caring for it is a very important process. We always recommend protecting your necklace from physical harm at all costs. This means taking it off when you sleep or do anything that might put it at risk, like exercising. It also means protecting it from inclement weather and moisture. Though our necklace is 100% water resistant and will not oxidize, it is simply safer to keep your necklace safe and dry. If you need to wash your memorial necklace, we recommend lightly wiping it with a soft cloth.

What You Need to Know About Steampunk

Young gothic woman tinkering with industrial steam-powered machinery, wearing a beautiful steampunk costume.
Science fiction meets technology inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Though our steampunk memorial necklace does simply look like a lovely piece of jewelry, the reality is that there is more to it. It is a design that was, as the name implies, made to suit the steampunk jewelry style. To fully appreciate the design, it can be helpful to know what you’re really signing up for, so we wanted to share some helpful information on steampunk style—and why we love it so much.

What is Steampunk?

A wonderful portrait of a man decked out in steampunk fashion, wearing various mechanical devices leaning against a vintage steampunk background.
British Victorian era or is it the American Wild West?

Steampunk is something that is very easy to recognize when you see it in its entirety, but if you were to only see it in its separate pieces, you might find yourself a little confused. This is actually very true to steampunk, and it is one of the things that makes it so unique.

In its simplest form, steampunk is a science fiction sub-genre. Its blended designs are equal parts historical and technological, which is how it ends up in science fiction. Known for its focus on alternate histories, steampunk gets its name from the steam-powered machinery that can often be found in steampunk worlds. Some say that steampunk design carries a post-apocalyptic style.

Young black woman wearing steampunk clothing and the classic goggles.
It wouldn't be steampunk without the classic goggles!

In most cases, these worlds are full of technology that is like what we have today, but very different. Bringing together a rich historical feel with some impressive tech upgrades, it can get very interesting.

In many ways, steampunk feels like a world that simply evolved differently, and we think that’s pretty amazing.

Defining Steampunk Style

Beautiful vintage painting showing a Victorian Lady and steampunk machinery.
Enchanting as it is beautiful.

The style behind steampunk is hard to miss. Since it has an older feel with more modern technology, these elements are generally incorporated into the overall design—fashion and all. People who like this style are often known to really embrace accessories, like our steampunk memorial necklace.

The base for steampunk fashion is very vintage, inspired by the Victorian era. It is known for big skirts, corsets, and sharply designed suits. Everything about the clothing looks like it was taken from another era, but then it is blended with technology that never came close to existing during that time. This anachronistic look—meaning something that is placed in one time period that does not align with the time that the item existed—is part of the charm.

Young woman wearing steampunk costume decorated with gears, incorporating victorian fashion.
The term “steampunk” was coined in 1987 by author K.W. Jeter.

In addition to blending these two elements, steampunk is also known for its robust personality. There is nothing subtle about this style—at least not if you fully embrace it. In some ways, steampunk can be overstated to add an even stronger effect, making it quite a bit of fun to play around with.

Common Steampunk Style Elements:

  • Aviator goggles
  • Corsets
  • Suit jackets
  • Industrial boots
  • Top hats
  • Dresses with large skirts
  • Walking sticks
  • Lace
  • Gears and cogs
  • Fictional machines
Heart-shaped Clock Mechanism Necklace, inspired by steampunk style.
Tick, tick, tick...

Steampunk’s popularity has been prominent for ages, and this is true for a few different reasons. The first is that it really is a fun and interesting style. It gives people an opportunity to explore a world that is like our own, but different. This alternate reality focus empowers people to be creative with their style.

Of course, there is more to steampunk than the fun of it.

Maybe people like steampunk because they believe it blends the best of both worlds. It is a world where you can be prim and proper, loud and wild, or the master of machines that stretch beyond anything that exists in the world today. It’s fantasy focus provides a world that is really exciting to imagine, and some think that it could have actually happened too.

Man dressed in steampunk costume wearing goggles and handlebar moustache, looking devious like a super villain.
Moustache twirling villain anyone?

In addition to the fun and flair that steampunk offers, it is also popular for one ongoing reason—because it is popular. Steampunk trends are unceasing, with this genre filling everything from movies to books to games. No matter how creators use it, there will always be an audience for it.

Is steampunk linked to any specific media? Though there are many popular creative works that take place in steampunk worlds, there is not one specific work that is responsible for steampunk’s popularity. People who like steampunk will find that there is always a work in their preferred medium that will satiate that interest.

Upcoming Steampunk Events

This Weekend: Time Traveler's Faire, MegaCon, Raising Steam, and more event via The Steampunk Explorer.
The inaugural Time Traveler’s Convention Spring Faire in Quincy, Illinois.

Since steampunk is generally fashion-focused and vibrant, steampunk events are hosted regularly throughout the year across a variety of states.

  • AutomataCon—There are two days of fun with this steampunk festival hosted in Morristown, New Jersey from May 20-22nd.
  • Time Traveler’s Convention Spring Faire—Show off your preferred alternate history with friends in Illinois from May 20-22nd.
  • Hangtown Wild West & Steampunk Festival—Embracing a western twist, this California convention lasts from May 21-22nd.
  • Rock N Roll Steampunk Fair—This New Jersey steampunk gathering can be enjoyed in Washington, NJ, on May 21st.
  • Cog County Faire VIII—Start off summer the right way with this vibrant steampunk extravaganza lasting from June 2-5th.

The Takeaway

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Processing loss can be difficult, and it takes different lengths of time for all of us. Though we might not know how long our grief will last, we can always allow ourselves to meet it on our own terms. Memorial necklaces provide a lasting way to remember loved ones, and we think that every single one, no matter the design, is beautiful. Owning a piece of keepsake jewelry to hold ashes can help you to take them with you wherever you go. Whether you want a necklace that matches a steampunk style or something more traditional, we encourage you to choose what feels right.

Until next time, thank you for reading!

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