Urn Necklace For Ashes

How Much Does A Urn Necklace For Ashes Cost?

The price of cremation jewelry varies depending upon the type of jewelry you choose. Some pieces may even include an inscription or engraving.

Some jewelry companies charge extra for these types of items. For example, some places charge $30-$40 for each piece engraved.

This is because the price depends on how long it takes to engrave the urn.

For example, if you order a urn with an inscription and the jeweler takes two days to engrave the urn, the price would be higher compared to ordering the same urn without any inscription.

In addition, the price also depends on the size of the urn. If the urn is small, then the price would be lower than if the urn is large.

Another consideration when choosing cremation jewelry is whether you want to buy it online or in person.

Online shopping allows you to compare prices easily. This makes it easy to ensure you are getting the best deal.

The price of cremation jewelry varies depending on the type of jewelry and the features you choose. Some companies charge extra for features like engraving, but it is important to compare prices before you purchase anything.

If you're looking to buy cremation keepsake jewelry for a loved one, our store is the perfect place to browse. Our collection offers a wide range of options for any occasion, and we're sure you'll find the perfect piece to memorialize your loved one.

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How Much Does A Urn Necklace For Ashes Cost?

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